Righteousness and Gladness

Meditation Thought: “Thou hast loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; therefore God, thy God, has anointed thee with the oil of gladness beyond thy comrades.” (Hebrews 1:9)

Christ is the image of the Father; you are to be the image of Christ.

Do you know the one who you are to contour yourself to? One who loves righteousness so much that He is anointed with the oil of gladness.

Note that gladness does not follow those who covet, nor acquire, nor conquer, nor lead, nor love position, nor are beautiful, nor artistic – people may have some of the desirable qualities and also have gladness – but the gladness comes to those who love righteousness.

If you love righteousness you seek it – you “promote” it, you base your life on this principle.

If you are righteous, you are glad: note that being righteous is not being stuffy, intolerant, insufferable, or overbearing, but glad. It is the joy of gladness which is the attraction of others to you – when they know you well enough to determine that your joyful gladness is a result of righteousness and love of God, who is perfect righteousness, then they are ready to hear your witness to the Truth.

Do not act on your own authority: only when you are filled by the Spirit, acting in response to the Spirit, and seeking to please the Spirit can you do the Fathers will and work, can you be righteous, can you imitate Christ.

When you succeed in imitating Christ in your righteousness, you shall also be a light unto the world in your gladness.

These things are required of you if you are to fulfill this purpose: love of God, discipline, commitment, yielding to the Spirit, and strict adherence to righteousness – not as a duty, but as a joy, knowing that righteousness is the food that nourishes your spirit, as a good diet nourishes your body. Enjoy being righteous , set your will to like what is good for you. Your reward will be great.

Remember you can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you.

Serve in Power

Meditation Thought: “He who is greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. (Matthew 23:11)

The Holy Spirit serves as the vital heart to your spirit – as your body depends upon the flow of blood pumped by your heart, so your spirit depends upon the power generated by the Holy Spirit.

Keep a healthy flow of power by welcoming the Holy Spirit in every area of your life: see, hear, speak the Word. Serve. Love. Reconcile. Forgive. Be gracious. Be kind. Do good. Receive with thanksgiving. Praise with enthusiasm and a glad heart.

Always seek to rest in the Spirit – if you abide in the Spirit, you are in the Spirit’s flow of power, which is infinitely greater than your own power.

Keep a pure heart: all else can be corrected if you misunderstand and misdirect your life – but your pure heart is the vital organ needed to let the Spirit be effective in your life.

Look not at people, at circumstances, at the world; look to the Word and the Spirit, and this compass keeps you on the right path to do the Father’s will and works.

There will be pain – and pleasure; there will be disappointment – and victory. But you never need feel guilty, never need to be downhearted, never need to give up hope: for your strength and your joy lie in serving your Lord and He shall never disappoint you if you trust Him.

Serving – especially when it is not expected – works effectively in spirits and minds, to break up the hardness of hearts that the Holy Spirit may enter. Envision your delight and gratitude to receive – especially unexpected ministerings – that you may more effectively serve others.

Over and over and over, does the Word and the Spirit confirm that with the measure you give, with that measure you shall receive.

And have you not been promised that your life is to be abundant?

Learn how to expand your measure – you do this through the leading of the Spirit according to the word.

All things do work together for good to those who love God, to them who are called according tho His purpose.

Know Me as I Know You

“the promise of the Lord proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.” (2 Samuel 22:31)

I would gather you as a hen gathers her chicks – only turn toward Me, and come into my welcoming arms – I long to shield you from harm, to warm you from the coldness of the world, to comfort all your hurts; you can grow and mature right within the confines of Myself – it is the only place where you can grow and mature at your fastest and best.

Do not seek your peace, your purpose, your joy outside the confines of My Spirit. This will only frustrate you and thwart My will for your best good.

You are My chosen, beloved; I seek to manifest My love to you: open your eyes and your heart to understand and to perceive My expressions of love.

See Me in your family and friends.

Hear Me in the Word.

Feel Me in the baby’s touch.

Taste Me in the food provided for your health.

Smell Me in the flower’s perfume.

But, most of all, know Me in your spirit, come to know Me as I know you.

The clues are in your life. Time bids you to hurry on, not a moment of regret need pass over you if you desire to find Me, know Me, love Me, dwell with Me.

Each Moment

Meditation Thought: “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.” (Psalm 37:5)

To whom do you commit your way when committed to the Lord? To Love, to Power, to Wisdom, to Truth, to Righteousness, to Graciousness, to Forgiveness, to Ardor, to Creativeness, to Beauty, to Harmony.

Who would not desire a life entwined with such a One? Only those who seek to let self ensnare them into rebellion against obedience to even their salvation and hope and peace.

Do not forsake your joy for the bitter victory of being deluded into believing you are in control of your life.

For if you obey not God, you obey the Evil One, though you may not realize it. For he is the deceiver; God is Truth. Let the Light of the Truth reveal all deceit and then it will be driven away by the power of the Spirit.

Dare to yield – every moment, be courageous and trust in your Lord, and not in your own way, not in the world’s way.

The harvest is sure when the conditions of growth are determined by the Creator of all: you sow the seed created by Him who creates the sun and rain and soil; will He not bring forth fruit according to His plan?

Do not speculate as to when the harvest comes; it comes in season. Observe the signs: plant in springtime, cultivate in summer, harvest in fall.

You shall know the season by the knowledge revealed to you by the Spirit which dwells within your spirit, mind, body, emotions, actions, circumstances. The Spirit is always in these places if He is invited and if His needs are met. He needs so little: an open heart, an obedient spirit, a willing attitude. But these small contributions from you are filtered through Him and the process magnifies them as greatly as the mustard seed is magnified into the tree.

Can you understand that each moment is a tiny seed to be planted or to lie fallow? What a forest – what a harvest – is possible when many seeds are planted!

Visualize the bounty of the harvest for the Kingdom when you feel discouraged, tired, rebellious, lazy. At these times, pray in the Spirit, praise – give a sacrifice of praise – to God. The exuberance, the enthusiasm, the joy of the Creative force shall come pouring into your spirit, energizing you that you may plant with vigor, cultivate with joyful satisfaction, and harvest with delight.

Love is

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)

Love is giving when you long to keep, love is a gentle word when you are feeling surly, love is doing a task you dislike because it is pleasing to another. Love is not easy: responding to love is easy. This is why the giving of love is a sign of discipleship: it is out of the ordinary.

Your joy comes in the thrill of a response to your giving – perhaps the response is long-delayed. Nevertheless love is the most powerful, persuasive force in the universe, for God is love and God is Creator and Lord. What is God’s nature is more powerful than any other nature – be it selfish man or evil spirits.

Make love your aim, make love your method, make love your primary expression, whatever is required – whether it be thought, word, deed or worship.

You need not feel love to be loving in the name of the Lord.

Soften, mellow, cling to Me.

I am your strength and shape, you see.

I need your love,

But your love needs Me.

Seek to follow the form I reveal in a thousand ways:

Do not let tendrils of your life

Shoot out into the world where they will be trampled, or cut off from your Support.

I need every vibrant part of you to be close

That I may nourish, protect and cherish all you are, and all you hope to be.

The purpose of your being,

The joy you seek,

All peace and love desired

Can mature and grow in just one place:

In the temple of your heart, entwined in the softness of my love,

The rightness of my way,

The strength of Truth –

Let us be so close that none can pry apart the separate strands of your life and of Mine.


Togetherness, now

Meditation Thought: “And when I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.” (John 14:3)

“I have come again; I have taken you where I am: open your eyes, open your ears, open your nostrils, reach out and touch: emerge from your cocoon of self-consciousness and revel in the beauty and the glory of the world to which I have carried you as you have placed yourself in my care by belief and faith in Me.

You are with me; I am with you. We are now in our Father’s room which He sent Me to prepare for you.

Is not this room pleasing to you? It is light and bright, fragrant with flowers, has the colors which bring joy to you. The windows are wide and overlook the vastness of the Father’s Kingdom.

Here we can commune together; in this surrounding can I teach you what you need to know. You know what I will teach you: how to love, how to love fully, effectively, unselfishly, causing a blossoming of both your own personality and the personalities of all whom you touch.

If you are to learn, you must listen to Me, you must observe Me, you must imitate Me, you must trust Me.

Can you do this?

Will you do this?”

Response: I want to do this – therefore I can do this through you, Lord Jesus: Therefore I will do this through you, Lord Jesus. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer. In your Precious Name I pray. Amen.

Goodness: compulsion or free will

Meditation Thought: “I preferred to do nothing without your consent in order that your goodness might not be by compulsion but of your own free will. (Philippians 1:14)

Prayer: My Lord, I ask that I be able to see in Truth, that I might use wisdom and knowledge as my aids, but enable me to forego judgment and to be steeped in love so that I may be both obedient and effective in becoming Your  image. Amen.

The difference between compulsion and freedom of will actions is the contrast of night and day – the one really has little connection with the other in appearance or in the manner which actions are taken.

All of society is forced to adjust every area of life when darkness falls, even with artificial light being available.

In light – daylight which reveals all – there is great freedom of movement, no restraints. There is a perception that reveals the truth of what is going on.

So it is with goodness motivated by free will: there is an openness, kindness, gentleness, an aura of sweetness that is appealing.

Goodness motivated by compulsion is really not goodness, but obedience. Obedience is necessary – but it is not the same as goodness: goodness is like the bonus on the paycheck of obedience. It’s something extra – an unexpected delight and therefore very special.

Perhaps goodness is not an ‘unexpected delight’ in christian circles – in fact, there it should be as binding as is obedience by compulsion; it should be one of the visible differences between the heart motivated by the Spirit and the heart motivated by self. It should be one of the most effective witnesses to the reality of Christ living in the heart, of Christ working in the world.