Let us Proceed Together

If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ll know that I rarely post personal things from Mom’s journals – the source of all of these blog posts. Today is going to be different.

Last night I could not sleep and got up in the middle of the night and began reading from the journal she was keeping at the time she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This entry was made about 2 months after the diagnosis.

“There are some aspects of my situation that I simply want to record in my diary.

I had the mistaken thinking at first of connecting the Alzheimer’s with a lack of intelligence, and it confused me because I made top grades in an excellent college, competing with students who had attended private schools in the East.

Clyde pointed out that intelligence and memory are two completely separate things. I don’t know why I thought I should be able to overcome my problem – or that it shouldn’t have happened – just because I’d been intelligent when I was younger. I suppose I still am at some level, though if memory problems block my thinking, the result is the same as if I never had the intelligence to begin with.

I suppose I’ve wandered into rambling at this point, and it’s time to think about what You have revealed through the Bible and through your obvious works in the world.”

God’s answer in her spirit:

“‘Peace I give to you.’ Make this your mantra as you travel this road. Many, many times I have comforted you and led you to places which you would not have chosen, yet in those places we came to know one another more intimately, In those places we worked miracles together – sometimes little miracles, and sometimes big miracles.

Lives were changed for the better – yours, your family’s, friends’ and children in the church because you persevered in reading My Word and praying and obeying as you were able.

Do you think I would desert you now? No – never will I desert you, my beloved child. Do not fear the road ahead – you have family and friends and doctors, and the Holy Spirit surrounding you and caring for you.

Let us proceed together.”

You may be wondering if God kept His promise. It’s been almost 16 years since that entry was made. I can tell you with absolute certainty God has kept (and continues to keep) his promise. Mom is now 90 and rarely communicates verbally any more. But she does communicate with her eyes, with her smile and with her spirit. As she says in her journal, God has led her to a place she did not want to go. None of us did. It has been a road filled with both laughter and tears but even more so filled with  mercy, grace and blessing.

Power and Pressure Points

Meditation Thought: “The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.” James 5:16

The prayer of a righteous man can be compared to a well-oiled machine, running in perfect condition, producing maximum capacity.

There are all kinds of possibilities of performance – but the very best results are obtained when the righteousness of God is being manifested as righteousness on His child… in His children.

The Father’s children go many places, contacting many people. If we exhibit the traits of the Father, if we are doing the tasks the Father has assigned to us, then we are spreading the influence and actions of the father, and changing all whom we meet to become aware of the existence of our Father. We honor Him as we do this. He blesses us as we do this. Others are blessed as we do this. We have cooperated with great Power, and participated in directing great Power. We are needed by this great Power: this fact gives us confidence that we are valuable – at the same time, it humbles us to compare what we are to what this Power is.

We need to be strong in our belief  – both in the goodness of our Power and in the value of our worth – but we need to be weak enough that we can be bent into any shape needed to do the job at hand. We may feel much stress at times when we must be conformed to certain shapes – but always our Power source places pressure at the proper points to do the job but gently enough not to break us at the pressure points.

Prayer of response: Lord, by an act of my will, I choose to be your tool. Use me where you will; shape me how you will. Enable me to trust you always – for all of life’s experiences confirm a pattern – changing, always changing – yet with an ultimate purpose. I know that you desire to accomplish certain tasks through me: Lord, I desire to do these according to your desire. Teach me Thy ways, that I may not have run or labored in vain. In Jesus Precious Name I pray. Amen.


Sacrifice of Praise

Meditation Thought: “…let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name.” Hebrews 13:15

“Continually” offer a sacrifice of praise: if I am praising God, I can’t be praising myself. If I am praising Him, I am doing the Father’s will, I am imitating the Son, I am being filled with the Spirit. If I am doing all of this, I am also producing fruit according to His commandment.

If I am centering my mind to praise God, I am centering my mind on God’s will, and if I am doing his will, I am doing His works. If I am doing His works, I am producing His fruits which feed the hungry – including myself – I am feeding us a banquet of our hearts desires, of all that satiates our appetites for: peace, joy, love, understanding, excitement, hope, anticipation.

Verse 16 states “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

“Praise, do good, share”: of these attitudes does the Kingdom consist.

Prayer of Response: Oh, Father, in Jesus’ name I pray Thee to renew my spirit, my mind, my heart, that I may praise, do good, and share ever more joyfully. Enable me to be so totally committed to Your will and Your word that all evil and selfish desires desert me, and only Your goodness, mercy, and righteousness remain in my spirit, my mind, my heart, my emotions, my life. Amen

Greater ideas, works, joys

Meditation Thought: … he disciplines us for our good that we may share in holiness” (Hebrews 12:10)

Discipline is the food that nourishes righteousness: righteousness is the heart of our spiritual “body”. Without righteousness, we are not behaving as children of God.

We must come to desire so strongly to be like our Father, as we come into maturity and recognize the Person who he is – the marvelous traits He possesses and hands down to His children through inheritance of His spirit that we welcome times of discipline as much as times of our Father’s indulgences toward us.

To come into the wonderful state of total trust of our lives to Him, to the peace that is a result of that trust, we muse choose to leave our “safe” shell of introspection and boldly step out to the challenges of the world without. It is through the experiences of seeking our way through the difficulties that we come to seek out the wisdom, the knowledge, the aid of our Father – and in the process of seeking what we need, we come to find the more glorious gift of His presence and companionship, His delight in our relationship becoming meaningful to us – becoming vital to us.

As we come to recognize and believe that this marvelous Person truly is our Father, and is desirous of expressing His fatherhood in ways that are not only good for us, but pleasing to us, at this point we are beginning to realize what the true significance of the cross is.

Our Father is constantly trying to penetrate our preoccupation with self and world, that He might teach us of far greater ideas, works, joys – of life on a new level, of life based on a new principle: Moving from life based on physical aspects to life based on spiritual aspects.

The vision of our spirit causes a change in our thinking process, and that changed process causes new actions – and new reactions: thus the Father’s concepts are gradually perceived by His children and implemented by them which is the reconciling of the world to the Kingdom, which is the building of the Kingdom within, which is the accomplishment – the fulfillment – of the purpose of the cross.

The darkness is penetrated by one pinpoint of light
and hope and imagination give birth to it
as a new life
Entered into our world.
It grows, matures – as it changes.
So we change by its influence.
We could have chosen
never to have given birth to this child – this light.
Never then would we have had such pain – nor joy –
Such agony – or ecstacy
Such knowledge of evil – or of good.

Carry your Haven with you

Meditation Thought: “Without faith it is impossible to please him. For whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6)

Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you, ask and ye shall receive: FAITH! Faith enough to seek, to knock, to ask – that is the one requirement to enter into the Kingdom – to enter into that beautiful, peaceful garden – a portable garden, which goes with you wherever you are. You carry your haven with you as a turtle carries his own shelter.

But it will do you no good if you do not withdraw into it, using it.

You must take the time to seek, to knock, to ask. Seek the Word, ask for guidance, knock at the door of the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Seek – every moment – the hidden meaning, the hidden beauty, the hidden Truth, the hidden need, the hidden solution to that need.

Believe: You will not be disappointed. Persevere: many saints have gone before you to assure you of the joy of obedience to the Father, of faith in the Son, of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in you to do the Father’s will and the Father’s works, revealing the Son and bringing you into His embrace.

Dare to dream! Dare to hope! Dare to love openly!

Pray, think, act: all in loving kindness based on truth revealed by Word, by inner guidance, by outward circumstances.

The heavens reveal the glory of God.
As does the tiny seed.
God is everywhere, anywhere.
You do not see Him?
Then trust that He is near
and the next moment – the next movement – the next scene
Shall give you knowledge of His Presence.
Where there was pain,
there is peace.
Where there was despair,
there is hope.
Where there was sadness,
there is joy.
Where there was sin,
there is righteousness.
Where there was apathy and hate,
there is love.
The flow of God’s cleansing grace
the Truth, the Way, the Life
For you – for all who seek the place where the Living Water flows.
That place is revealed when you turn from self and seek, and knock, and ask.

Clasp the Moment

Meditation Thought: “… let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near… You have need of endurance, so that you may do the will of God and receive what is promised.” (Hebrews 10:24-25,36)

“Beauty and love are everywhere: at times they are hidden under the film of sin, of doubt, of shyness, of lack of confidence – and too much confidence in self.

As my child, it is your duty – and your pleasure – to clean away this film, revealing all that is lovely and good, wherever you are.

Take care for the moment, for the moment is the stone which is a permanent part of the structure of your life on earth and your life in heaven.

Clasp the moment to you as a precious thing: treasure it, nurture it, bringing forth the best possible harvest from it.

There are many areas in your life now which are under cultivation, and large fields from which I desire to harvest. There is unusual opportunity for you to be a means of expanding the Kingdom and adding new converts to the Body of Believers.

Stir up yourself and others to love and good works in this rare opportunity. Come – let us work together that though the laborers may be few, the harvest will be plentiful as we develop new, effective, efficient methods of ministry together.”




Hand in Hand

Meditation Thought: “For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are sanctified… I will put my laws on their hearts, and write them on their minds… I will remember their misdeeds no more.” (Hebrews 10:14,16,17)

Delight in your freedom! Do not move in a restricted manner as if you were still a prisoner of sin!

The requirements of you are so small to be free from sin, for your Savior has left only a tiny portion of chain for you to snap open – a little time, a little commitment, – but sincerely given –  are all that you need to release yourself and discover a universe of: love, purpose, joy, peace, excitement, fulfillment.

Remember the pattern is repeated, in both spiritual and physical realms: First the thought, then the deed, then the reward.

You have faith, you are doing the deeds, and you shall receive the rewards.

Believe – act upon your belief: God is good, you were created in love, Jesus freed you from sin, you were given special specific talents to be used for the glory of the Father, the delight of the Son, the joy of the Body, and the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

In your life are all of the elements you need to develop these talents. Seek these elements first. Do not be distracted by the baser instincts, but seek ye first the Kingdom.

Ingest the word, pour out your very being in prayer, sacrifice to do good, welcome the Spirit and heed the still small voice within, persist in faith.

“Have I not promised that in everything I work good for those who love me and who are called according to my purpose?

Do you believe me?

If you believe, act upon your belief. This moment I give to you to change: your faith, your thoughts, your words, your deeds, your destiny.

Know that I am God, and I am good. Know that you are mine, and I am yours, and that is your salvation, your hope, your purpose, and your transformation from life in the flesh to life in the Spirit.

I love you, I desire good for you, and for all whom you love and care for. Seek the path which will best accomplish the working out of good for you – for all whose lives you touch.

The scenes vary, but our mode of travel never varies: Hand in hand, we joyfully walk and observe, that we may help those who need help, that we may rejoice with those who rejoice, that we may mourn with those who mourn, that we may rescue the perishing, that we may give hope to the desperate, that we may celebrate life: life in the Spirit and life in the flesh.

We are in the Kingdom; recognize the light of the Kingdom upon the elements of the world. Your eyes are equipped with the power of the Spirit to discern the light, and in discerning the light, you discern what is revealed by the light: Truth: total Truth. Thus you adjust all of your reactions to the perfect vision provided through the Spirit, and what appears foolish to the world – who sees imperfectly – is wise in My sight, and thus in this manner is my will done through you, to My glory.

If you truly believe I am Love, then trust Me, for by My grace are you saved, through faith. You have been given a measure of faith: Seek it out, and use it. Life will be good.”