My Creator, Sustainer and Helper

Meditation Thought: “Go to the ant you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer, and gathers food at its harvest. (Proverbs 6:6-8)

“Do not fear – I will help you. I will help others through you. I have prepared ahead of you. I can use every event and circumstance for good – providing you heed my instructions. Be alert. Be at peace. These events and circumstances are not antagonists but co-joiners to accomplishing good works.”

Mom went on to share throughout the day in various written prayers. These were written in May of 2002 – shortly after the Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“All right, Lord, my intentions are good. But – good intentions do not accomplish the deed. Please give me the will and the strength to accomplish the works which you desire of me.”

“Dear Lord, my Creator and Sustainer and helper: Thank you! I am more convinced than ever that you are with me, helping and encouraging me – and through the trial my family and I are enduring that You are working good – for us and probably for other people too.

I almost see myself from outside myself and wonder how I can feel so calm – really almost excited too – when I have such an upsetting diagnosis. Somehow You have entered into my mind – even my emotions – that you have assigned me a quest to help people to either avoid the disease or cope with it. I have a big imagination, but it couldn’t conjure up the thoughts – and particularly the emotional feeling – that is taking place. I don’t know what the future holds, but Lord I pray that I can always hold on to your reality in my life as much as I am at this moment.

As is natural, I know I don’t want to be a burden, and yet if it is necessary so that You can perform some action that is Your quest, then I’ll accept it. I’m not accepting it gladly, but as a little child obeys its parent, that is the intent of my heart. You have worked miracles for my good, and I know you can work a miracle for my good in this situation.

…I praise You and thank You for what You are doing for me and for others. I don’t know that Your will is for the situation, but I do know that it has been in some of the most painful experiences of my life that You have revealed Your love and Your power to me.

Therefore, my pledge to you this day is that I shall try to accept that ‘Thy will be done.’

… Please sustain me, Lord. I know how weak and cowardly I am, but I know too, that these qualities can be restructured and renewed with Your power to make me ‘a new creation’.”

She then shared a bit about this meditation process – as she was correcting an “error” in the personal prayer part (not shared here) where she said a family member had called her ‘yesterday’ and it had actually been several days before. She writes:

“Although I honestly believe that the thoughts in meditation time are prompted by God, for they flow so easily, and so often later prove valid, still I am involved in the process and am prone to error. I don’t know the ‘ins and outs’ of these sessions, but I do know that just trying to communicate in this manner with God has enriched my life and helped other people.”

A Humble Posture

Meditation Thought: “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble… humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you.” (James 4:6 & 10)

Do not be a rebellious child, opposing the will of your Father, who has your best interest at heart, and who has infinitely greater wisdom and knowledge than do you.

Do you understand that for you to be proud is for you to rebel against your Father, and to distort the personality that is to be true to His image?

When you approach life – spirit life or physical life – with an attitude of humility – which is an attitude of being open to learn, of accepting the rights of others as equal to your own – and then choose to give them more rights than your own out of love, because you are the child of Love and you have come to know that if you give in love, you receive in love plus interest.

At first it appears a sacrifice to be humble – that you are giving up position, or are putting yourself down, not giving credit for your assets.

But these are not the attributes of true humility: true humility is the recognition of the fact that you are the child, and the Father is the Father, that He loves His other children as He loves you, and He desires good for all of you. He desires you love each other as He loves you, and He desires that you seek to encourage and uplift each other as He does His transforming works, bringing all to maturity under His teaching.

It is right to be proud of being the child of God; that is having true position. But humility is expressed when you recognize that this position is not of your own doing, but an act of loving grace from your Father.

To seek to be the very best you can be, as a unique child of the most powerful Force in the universe is to realize that, though the Father grants you many privileges, they are gifts to you, and not the results of your won creating, your own power.

So long as you seek to receive the gifts your Father delights in giving you in an attitude of gratitude and an eagerness to use the gifts as He intends them to be used for good, then you remain in an humble posture, and a flexible posture in which the Father is able to teach you and guide you effectively.

If you begin to delude yourself that the privileges are yours because you are so great within yourself that they are your “due” – and you take them for granted, and give no thanks for them – then you have become proud, and your Father needs to withhold the privileges in order for you to once again come into the proper attitude which is pleasing to Him and which is for your own good.

A Joyful Harvest Indeed!

Meditation Thought: “No human being can tame the tongue.” (James 3:8)

The tongue is tamed only by the Spirit – and an untamed tongue causes all kinds of mischief, even disasters.

The tongue is so powerful because it is the expression of the innermost thoughts. Our reactions to each other’s influence are more often a result of the working of the tongue than anything else. Thus the tongue holds the power to encourage, to commend, to give delight, to cause joy and laughter – or to condemn others to discouragement, guilt, resentment, bitterness.

Without the indwelling Spirit in control of our tongue, it can run on rampages, destroying everything in its path.

But the Spirit-controlled tongue produces the fruits of the Spirit – a joyful harvest indeed!

Mercy Triumphs

Meditation Thought: “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” (James 2:13)

“Mercy triumphs over judgment.” To triumph is to overcome completely, to be proved superior to that which did not triumph. Our God, being a merciful God – to the point of sacrificing Himself for us – is the crucial difference between Him and any other “gods” perceived by man.

We are mad in His image, and when true to that image, then we are merciful also.

Only when we come to trust God’s Word and Spirit enough to test His teaching as actual experiments in the course of our lives do we demonstrate the truth of His principles. And we cannot judge the interim results as the final outcome of the experiment without reaching false conclusions.

This is especially true in the principle of mercy triumphing over judgment. The results of judgment are perceived by the mind, and may or may not set in motion further thoughts which set in motion further deeds affecting the future.

But the results of mercy affect the heart – the emotions, the spirit – and these too affect the mind, but they have such power that they do affect the future.

To be judged – even fairly, we accept as our “due”, and are satisfied that the situation has come to a conclusion.

But to receive mercy – an undeserved, unearned pardon – a release from even the need for judgment – sets us free without even the stress of the proving of our case.

We are so accustomed to needing to justify ourselves to the world, that the unexpected removal of the need for justification sets us off balance – and the strangeness of our position causes us to think actively about the whole situation from a new perspective: this is the reason that mercy triumphs over judgment. It causes new awareness of love – and any new awareness of love is also leading to an awareness of Him who is Love: the greater the awareness of Him Who is Love, the greater the prospects of “miracles” – of healing actions. And this is the demonstration of the triumph of mercy over judgment.

Imprisoned in the dark and gloom
of the world of your cocoon
You did not know outside that space
Light and color,
Sound and purest air
Awaited for you to recognize
You need not spend forever
Where you were.

Time and the gentle touch
of your Creator’s sign
Reveal to you the purpose of your birth:
Not to stay in darkness,
confined in little space –
But to grow, develop wings,
and using the efforts of your faith
To burst out into the Kingdom –
To explore its beauty in an ecstasy
Of soaring, seeking, discovering
That purpose for which you were born –
Though in darkness you knew not why
You struggled, sought,
The perseverance against the confines of your tomb
Conquered the seemingly impenetrable mass
And glorious light of day
Greet you with welcome;
At last you emerge into your proper home.

New Horizons

“But let him ask in faith with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways, will ever receive anything from the Lord.” (James 1:6-8)

You cannot move in all directions at once – and you cannot travel far beyond where you are if you move first in one direction, then in another constantly.

To reach your goal you must be committed to go in the direction of it, overcoming obstacles in the way. You must desire to reach your goal, or you will never even get a good start toward it. The Word and all of nature affirm that too – seeking God and God’s principles unrelentingly – perseveringly – is the key to survival: more than survival: to fulfillment.

Only one goal can bring fulfillment; only one goal can so inspire as to bring peace and joy in the pursuit of it: to seek the will of the Father. There are many ways to seek His will, to find His will: every physical manifestation, every law of nature, every mystery of the spiritual world is able to reveal His will to those who desire to know it.

Prayer of Response: Father, enable me to desire Thy will above all else. Enable me to pursue Thy will, to find Thy will, to do Thy will. I know you love me, I know you desire to lead me to new levels of love – and I desire to follow you to them. Help me to go there, taking many with me – delighting in discoveries of unsuspected worlds as we come into sight of new horizons. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


Thank you all for the tremendous response to my last post. You may want to check out the About This Blog page – I updated it today based on how I perceive this blog will begin to morph.

I’ve been reading from the journal I had been posting from (1981), and also from the one that covers the time-frame of her diagnosis, and praying about which to post from next. Then, today I read the entry below from 1981 as saw it as so prophetic of what was to come, that I thought I should post it from that perspective. (If you have not read the most recent post: “Let Us Proceed Together”, you may want to read it first.) May they both bless you.

Meditation Thought: “…the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.” (James 1:3)

You must fill your spirit and your mind with the ballast of the Word and the Spirit, so that you may weather out the storms of life. The more ballast you have, the steadier you will be, and the more able to stay on your chosen course.

When storms come, and your ballast proves adequate, you gain confidence to sail on to further parts – to new destinations, new horizons.

There is much you can do as you go from one place to another, carrying your cargo of loving ministry, of practical aid, of the fruits of the Spirit, and the truth of the Word.

Do not fear wide expanses of ocean, nor storms, nor darkness of night: your God shall provide all that is needed for your safe journey: the compass of the Word, the protection of the Spirit, the light of the One who shows the Way.

Do not attempt to set your course by your own eyes, for you will be deceived. You need to be guided by the stars, not temporary things floating along the ocean of life. They are not true reference points.

As you set your course by the stars, and move rapidly by the guidance of the heavens, you shall make good progress in fair weather, enabling you to patiently wait out the storms, knowing that they shall pass – and, many times, the storm will blow you ever more quickly to your chosen destination, if you but seek to cooperate with its power and not to pit yourself against its direction.

Let us Proceed Together

If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ll know that I rarely post personal things from Mom’s journals – the source of all of these blog posts. Today is going to be different.

Last night I could not sleep and got up in the middle of the night and began reading from the journal she was keeping at the time she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This entry was made about 2 months after the diagnosis.

“There are some aspects of my situation that I simply want to record in my diary.

I had the mistaken thinking at first of connecting the Alzheimer’s with a lack of intelligence, and it confused me because I made top grades in an excellent college, competing with students who had attended private schools in the East.

Clyde pointed out that intelligence and memory are two completely separate things. I don’t know why I thought I should be able to overcome my problem – or that it shouldn’t have happened – just because I’d been intelligent when I was younger. I suppose I still am at some level, though if memory problems block my thinking, the result is the same as if I never had the intelligence to begin with.

I suppose I’ve wandered into rambling at this point, and it’s time to think about what You have revealed through the Bible and through your obvious works in the world.”

God’s answer in her spirit:

“‘Peace I give to you.’ Make this your mantra as you travel this road. Many, many times I have comforted you and led you to places which you would not have chosen, yet in those places we came to know one another more intimately, In those places we worked miracles together – sometimes little miracles, and sometimes big miracles.

Lives were changed for the better – yours, your family’s, friends’ and children in the church because you persevered in reading My Word and praying and obeying as you were able.

Do you think I would desert you now? No – never will I desert you, my beloved child. Do not fear the road ahead – you have family and friends and doctors, and the Holy Spirit surrounding you and caring for you.

Let us proceed together.”

You may be wondering if God kept His promise. It’s been almost 16 years since that entry was made. I can tell you with absolute certainty God has kept (and continues to keep) his promise. Mom is now 90 and rarely communicates verbally any more. But she does communicate with her eyes, with her smile and with her spirit. As she says in her journal, God has led her to a place she did not want to go. None of us did. It has been a road filled with both laughter and tears but even more so filled with  mercy, grace and blessing.