A Lighted Path

Listening and doing bring answered prayer.

Meditation Thought in response to Psalm 119:

In His faithfulness, God gives His commandments that we might have His knowledge working in truth. The lighted path brings us peace until we can see the evidence of His testimonies, and give Him praise for His glorious workings in our lives.

  • Knowledge – allowing the Spirit to manifest Himself in us to teach us the knowledge needed for action.
  • God’s Faithfulness (we can trust You)
  • Commandments – if we listen to Your commandments, we know Your will and doing Your will brings answers to our prayers.
  • Truth – (v.104 & 159) Through Your precepts I get understanding; the sum of Your word is truth which brings me to understanding which brings me to right action.
  • God’s Word lights my path
  • God’s testimonies are wonderful (v 129)
  • Great peace for those who love to obey.

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