The Character of Life

The life found by ‘self’ is a lost cause, but…

Meditation Thought: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39)

“He who finds his life: the life found by ‘self’ is a lost cause – the life found by self is ultimately unrewarding; it turns sour and displeasing. But to lose your ‘self’ life by yielding it up to Me is to change the character of your life into a fruitful, sweet maturity, through My provisions for it on the cross.

If you cling to self, which avoids the cross – both My cross and your cross of total yielding to the demands of the Kingdom – you avoid also the full, good, satisfying life which the Father intended for you.

But to embrace My cross, and your own cross, you provide the energy to melt and change those crosses into shining jewels to beautify yourself as you offer them at the same time as symbols to our Father, to Me, and to the Spirit of your total commitment of your spirit to our fellowship.”

Superior Citizenship

Live each moment aware that later it will bring either peace or regret and there will be no changing of the consequences.

Meditation Thought: “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

“Cling to righteousness. No matter who or what tries to pry you away from righteousness, no matter what the consequences of your ‘stubbornness’ in hanging on – persist. For your reward will be great: so great you cannot now fathom it. Those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake are those who insist upon retaining citizenship in the Kingdom when others are insisting upon them changing their allegiance to the world. But they do not know the joys of the Kingdom, the power of citizenship in the Kingdom. Only by holding your citizenship through ‘thick and thin’ can you demonstrate the value of it, and thus prove both to yourself and to others that this citizenship is superior in every way to citizenship in the world.

Listen to the language of the Kingdom as it is spoken to you through My Spirit; heed the advice, acting in faith and joyful confidence that the advice is for your benefit and for the benefit of the Kingdom. One day all will know the whole truth – but it is too late then to make choices. You must choose on the basis of information available to you – only hints of the whole – in order to allow you freedom to choose. No choice is involved if the total picture is laid out and there is no struggle to find the pieces of it.

Live each moment aware that later it will bring either peace or regret and there will be no changing of the consequences. Concentrate, think, be aware of your momentary action, for it could, though you recognize it not, change the course of your life as well as many other lives.

Start this moment an intense training program of using your abilities, talents, faith, words, actions and desires to develop every facet of yourself into an exemplary citizen of the Kingdom. If you are persecuted for your loyalty to righteousness, so shall you be rewarded for your status as an exemplary citizen of the Kingdom, loyal to all of its statutes.”

Open the Package

Do not look for evidence of truth in the world, for you will be deceived by half-truths and camouflaged truths.

Meditation Thought: ““Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)

“The kingdom of heaven is ‘at hand’. This moment. Now! The kingdom is at hand now because ‘now’ is when you are made aware of the spiritual kingdom as a reality. Repent, and choose the kingdom now. If you push it aside, instead of entering in, you choose Satan – evil, rebellion to your Creator and My will – you choose the losing side.

Do not look for evidence of truth in the world, for you will be deceived by half-truths and camouflaged truths. You will think you hold treasure in your hands because it is so attractively wrapped – but the time will come when the wrappings will be removed, and the contents revealed.

The truths of the world are then revealed as snares, traps which you have chosen yourself as your gifts of life. You will be ensnared as you open your packages – caught in the despair of knowing you denied yourself the joys of fellowship with the One who created you in love and hope, and denied yourself the joy of eternal life with Him.

Look closely at the ‘packages’ of the moment – the choices. The Word describes the packages – both the wrappings and the true contents of the packages.

  • The wrapping appears:
  • Humbling
  • As a denial of pleasures others seek
  • As a restriction of your own will
  • As actions making you appear foolish

  • But the content is:
  • Joy in Service
  • The peace of righteousness
  • The exhilaration of God’s will
  • Transformed lives

And so, at each point of your life, you choose from the packages available to you. If you are ignorant of the fact that the wrappings are key-coded to the contents, you are likely to choose grief for yourself. But, if you heed the call of My Creative Spirit to your own spirit, then you can hear the instructions of how to ‘break the code’ and choose the fullness of life which is placed before you – the fullness which I long for you to choose, but which I will not force you to choose.”

Kingdom Tour

Allow Me to take you on a tour of My Kingdom, within and without, and all about.

Meditation Thought: “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20)

“Let me clasp you in My arms of gentle love, and take you where I will – for My love for you will bring you joy untold. Relax, and allow yourself to move with ease along the paths I take. My delight is to gently show you, teach you, enjoy you as you discover the Truth and allow that knowledge to change you into a more pure image of the Father – a closer image to Me: an image inspired by the Spirit as more fitting as His dwelling place.

Conceive the most beautiful, awe-inspiring pictures and thoughts of your mind, for through these can the Spirit work in every part of your being, using emotions and actions to do the Father’s will. You have asked – and I have come to abide with you as long as you desire Me – not as a guest, but as your beloved.”

“My beauty and My works know no bounds: Shown in the depths of the Grand Canyon, to the heights of Pikes’ Peak, across the ocean’s expanse – if these expressions of My works are visible in the world, cannot you trust that the far more beautiful and expansive Spiritual expressions of My works are as real?

Allow Me to take you on a tour of My Kingdom, within and without, and all about – only follow Me, follow Me: the price you pay shall bring you more value than you have ever received for any purchase. You pay by yielding your will to Mine, and you receive eternal joy and peace.”

Remodel Inside and Out

Become the architect and the builder of My Kingdom.

Meditation Thought: “Behold, I make all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)

“Power have I given to you – to use as you will. If you choose to give up the privilege of using it alone for the privilege of using it according to My directing of it through you, the tiny spark of your power will be ignited into the flame of My Spirit – burning away the slums of sins and replacing them with a city of gold – pure, refined by the fire of My Spirit.

Help Me – help Me by heeding My Word and My call – become the architect and the builder of My Kingdom in both the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh. The world is the expression of the exterior of the buildings in My Kingdom, the spirit is the interior designing.

The joy you will have in seeing the old slums replaced by glorious new buildings will be contagious and speed up the process of our slum-clearance.

Work, work – rejoice in our work, praising My Name, moving in My Spirit.

I shall make all things new – through the labors of My Body!”

Mountains Really Can Be Moved

You believe. You do the works to the best of your human ability, and when your little efforts start a little dirt to move, then I will start an earthquake to help you move that mountain.

Meditation Thought: “Truly, I say to you, if you have faith and never doubt, you will not only do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will be done. And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” (Matthew 21:21-22)

“‘If you have faith and never doubt:’ how do you have that much faith, that much confidence in what you ask? You have that much faith and confidence when you know your request is within My will.

The first step is to determine My will: pray, think, seek inner guidance – be alert in your spirit, your mind, your emotions, your physical condition, to circumstances: observe, inside and outside of yourself.

Study the life of Jesus. Whatever He said and whatever He did became a witness to Me in some way. The fig tree incident was proof of our relationship: of the power which I released through Him to make decisions and then to have circumstances confirm the decisions as wise, as helpful, as a means of teaching further revelation of truth.

This is the pattern I desire for all of My children: to seek to know Me so intimately that you can know My way of thinking and acting and can learn to think and to act in similar manner.

Many more incidents involving spoken desires would result in confirming action if My children would first seek to know me intimately and then think and act.

I give you great leeway in the way you live your life: I desire you to express yourself uniquely, according to your talents – and according to your tastes. Your desire to be surrounded by beauty is not evil: it is consistent with your Father’s taste also. The crux of the matter is to put it in perspective. The fig tree incident was a minor ‘miracle’ in the life of Jesus – a passing ‘flash in the pan’ show of power compared to His miracles which totally changed men’s hearts and brought them to know Me and seek My will. Nevertheless it was a witness to My power and to the love I have for My own – for I care about you enough to allow you to seek to express our relationship in manners of your own choosing.

Nothing is too small to be a witness to My power, My love and My attempts at bringing My beloved family into intimacy with me and with one another.

Have confidence in your own intelligence to make choices. Have confidence in our relationship that these choices will be life-enhancing and therefore I seek to demonstrate My power through them, that you and others may be moved from your lethargy and seek new life in Christ with an enthusiasm that will make His life what it was intended to be: the releasing of My expression into the world in an explosion of love and truth that shatters the complacency and ignorance and selfishness which had taken a hold of My beloved, and to build instead a mantle of praise, a contrite heart -and an abiding and enduring faith in Me such as Jesus had demonstrated while He was in the flesh.

Do not fear; I am love. I made you to love, and I desire you to express your love for Me. What better way can you do this then to rejoice in My care, trust My tolerance of your imperfections and misconceptions, and to do creative thinking and creative acting?

Stop fretting. Stop doubting. MOVE MOUNTAINS:

Not just because you can – but because I need the moved in order to reconcile the world to Me and convert it into the kingdom.

Do not be concerned that you may err – I can guide you into corrections that will produce better results than if the errors did not occur.

You believe. You do the works to the best of your human ability, and when your little efforts start a little dirt to move, then I will start an earthquake to help you move that mountain.”

In the Midst

God uses any possible means to reach you and you should use any means to reach God.

Meditation Thought: “…the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” (Luke 17:21)

The kingdom is not a place; it is not something you wait for, to be brought to you: it is your perception of life. When your perception of all that enters your life is the perception that God has of these things, then the kingdom has come for you. It is easy to have the perception of God when all is going right. It becomes difficult when your own desires are thwarted rather than fulfilled.

The way the kingdom comes is by aligning your desires with God’s desires for you. This can be done only be listening to your deeply hidden voice within you – you must encourage it to emerge by prayer and meditation. God uses any possible means to reach your spirit, your mind, your emotions, your body. And you should use any means to reach God. To pray, to meditate, to seek Christian companionship and counsel, to do good works – all help you come closer to God. He will reveal Himself, not necessarily as you expect – but you will be aware that He has revealed Himself, and that knowing He is real, you base every thought, word and deed upon that knowledge. This is the kingdom come: knowing that God is in you, surrounding you, moving before you – an impossibility with man but possible for God. The kingdom is the Presence of God living in you by your desire that this be so and your proof of that desire by your righteous and loving behavior.

Environmental Change

Life is no longer a “line” from “here to there”. Life is a sphere, encompassing ever-widening perceptions and knowledge, our awareness of the interrelation of all things seen and unseen.

Meditation Thought: “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” (John 7:38)

To believe in Jesus is to move into a new world: one minute we live on a physical plane only – the next we have moved into a totally new environment. It is so different that it takes much effort to explore and understand the implications of its various facets. What excitement greets each day! There is mystery of the unexpected – there are the “impossible” coincidences, there are “miracles” of healing – physically, in relationships, within self, others are given more tranquil hearts because God guides us to say and do helpful ministries.

All is not “sweetness and light” all of the time – but never is there a “dull” time if the Word is in our mind, for contemplation of it always “entertains” us as it enlightens us. Never is there a hopeless situation for “in everything God works good to them who love Him, to them who are called according to His purpose.”

There are the glorious times when prayers are visibly answered, when love abounds, when the presence of God is so real it is as strong as a physical presence, a visible presence.

Life is no longer a “line” from “here to there”. Life is a sphere, encompassing ever-widening perceptions and knowledge, our awareness of the interrelation of all things seen and unseen. The contrast is as dramatic as going from blindness to sight – and life is as dramatically changed.

Preparation is the Key

If distressing circumstances drive destroying forces against the one who would produce fruit, then we can protect ourselves from them by specific means.

Meditation Thought: “If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority.” (John 7:17)

When the knowledge of the Father is great enough to prompt courage to yield our will to the will of the Father, there is transformation. The earth is transformed by the effect of heaven upon it – the invisible effects of what occur in the sky affecting the earth below is merely symbolic of a nature which permeates all of creation. The spirit is the determining factor of the physical.

To one who looks only at the earth, there is no connection with the events there having been prompted by the activities in the sky. But to those who look outside of their own narrow confines of earth – to those who look upward – is revealed the signs of what will take place, and thus they are able to prepare their property on earth to be the most enhanced by what will happen.

If there is sunshine, then the preparation is removing weeds so that the good plants grow unhampered by strength being sapped by weeds. If rain is forthcoming, the soil should be loosened beforehand that the water may soak in and not run off. If the winds are coming, and driving rain or snow or ice, then the plants should be protected.

To translate to a parable: the sunshine is the Word, and the removal of thoughts incompatible with the word is to absorb the sunshine into the mind, benefiting the mind greatly because all of its energy is concentrated on Godly thoughts, and not used to combat weeds of unGodly thoughts. The Godly thoughts thrive unhampered by unGodly thoughts.

The soil of the will should be loosened to receive the water of the Spirit. A hardened will cannot absorb the rains of the Spirit.

If distressing circumstances drive destroying forces against the one who would produce fruit, then we can protect ourselves from them by specific means:
– The Word in us
– Prayer
– Loving deeds
– Kind words
– Trust in God
And having thus done all we can to be protected, give thanks to God for the storm, knowing that it shall pass, and that some benefit to us shall be left in its wake.

All creatures on earth are subject to the activities of the sky – but we do have the choice of learning how the activities can effect us and thus we can affect our thriving or our destruction. God seeks to cause us to look away from our downcast view of our own little place on earth – to look upward and outward, discovering a whole new world of vastness and beauty, of others like ourselves, and never again are we the same. We are not isolated in our ignorance, but we are joyous in knowledge and good company. We have the benefit of cooperating with both the elements of the sky and the other elements of the earth to be the best that we can be – and to help others be the best that they can be.

(Note from Karen (see About this Blog) I couldn’t help but think of Lauren Daigle’s song Look Up Child when thinking about this post.)

Citizenship Without Partisanship

Look to the future, not the past – look to the One.

Meditation Thought: “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62)

If you look back, you miss seeing clearly what lies ahead. You will stumble, misjudge and misunderstand.

Look to the future, not the past – look to the One to whom you committed all of the resources of your life, because He committed all of His resources – so much greater than yours – to Your life.

Have no misgivings, no doubts – but in total absorption of the possibilities that lie ahead with a firm commitment to the cause you have embraced, move ahead in confidence as you learn to become a citizen of the kingdom – step by step you learn to discharge your duties as a citizen, and also learn of your many privileges – more than you suspected, and of far greater value.