Surprising Delight

Let My love light up your eyes, lift up your heart, renew your mind, bring ecstasy to your spirit.

Meditation Thought: “Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or to kill?”  (Mark 3:4)

“Be open to the prompting of the Spirit. You live in an age where you know the Spirit has come in power to do good, to save life. Obey My commandments but do not make your own ‘commandments’. Keeping the Sabbath holy is keeping within My will and you shall do this if you will saturate yourself in the Word and obey My Spirit as you perceive the prompting of what is best for you to do. If you act with a pure heart, you will not go astray, but will bring healing and life and renewal. Keep every day holy. The Sabbath is a rest from routine, but never is there to be a rest from holiness, from love, from doing good.

Immerse yourself in My beauty: spiritual, physical, in thought, in art forms, in loving kindness. I desire good and not harm for you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Sense the passion of My love, sense the depths of My love – I inflicted pain upon Myself that you might have joy. Do not throw away this precious gift! Rather, seek to learn of its great value, seek to know of all of its manifestations. Do you trust human love? How much more should you trust My love! Open your understanding to the enormity of it to the forgiving nature of it, to the power of it. Let My love light up your eyes, lift up your heart, renew your mind, bring ecstasy to your spirit.

Glow in the sure knowledge that each day brings a new expression of My love: trust that each event is for the purpose of expanding your knowledge of My love. The very trust is an aid to My purposes of the formation of each incident: if you trust Me, you seek the purpose of the movement, rather than idly or resentfully allowing it to wash over you, leaving My expression of love ragged and incomplete and confusing to you.

Seek for the treasure you know is there because I promise you all you desire as you trust Me and desire Me above all. As your will is conformed to mine as your expression of love in response to love, so this very sacrificial act is the key of releasing of My power of dynamic love in your life.

If you can trust your family to be motivated by love to work good for you, cannot you trust Me even more? Recall your annoyance that Karen was away from home night after night and you felt rather rejected – only to learn of her spending those nights writing out invitations for your surprise anniversary party.

What you perceived as a rejection of your love was in reality a beautiful expression of response to your love. Only when you have come to the place where it is time for Truth to be revealed can you judge rightly. But until that time arrives, be happy, be content, be peaceful in the knowledge of the character of your Beloved, trusting that what you perceive as neglect or rejection is in reality the future joy I have planned for you. The very fact that you do not know the details is desirable, for the surprising aspect of the deed done is part of the delight.”

Inoculation Redefined

Only the deluded have no need of help.

Meditation Thought: “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17)

“I came to call those who have need: those who know that they are not the ‘Captain of their subs’ – but that their Creator is the Captain. Only the deluded have no need of help. Those who see Truth see the imperfection of themselves, see the need of the Father’s grace.

Come, come, come… let us take you as you are, but not as you will be after we come closer in our journey to Truth.

Do not resist teaching, but be teachable.

Do not resist love, but be loveable.

Do not resist the Father’s will, but be humble and obedient.

The removal of the hard shell of resistance makes you vulnerable: but your vulnerability is the key to your strength, for the power and protection of the Father is then able to soak throughout your spirit, mind and body, thus inoculating you to the evil and harm that could enter into you if you believed you could resist it by yourself.

Absorb the Word and the Spirit poured out to you, and though your own precious entity will be still preserved, it will have an addition of precious Living Water, giving a new vitality of health to it: spiritual health, mental health, physical health.”

Will You?

Are you willing to look to Me instead of to you?

Meditation Thought: “And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” (Mark 1:17)

“I will make you become – I will teach you by example. If you follow Me, you will see Me and learn.

Would you be a healer and not a destroyer? FOLLOW ME!

Would you be righteous and not worldly? FOLLOW ME!

Would you be loving and not jealous? FOLLOW ME!

Would you be giving and not selfish? FOLLOW ME!

Follow Me; you have My itinerary, you know where I am going. Are you willing to accompany me there? Are you willing to go through valleys in order to reach the peaks? Are you willing to look to Me instead of to you?

I seek fishers of men: I need fishers who can make large nets and cast them surely, where the lost souls are. Will you let me teach you how to make nets, how to cast them surely, where the lost souls are for you to reach?

Turn Your Head

When you do not understand, search more deeply, looking to the Word and Spirit.

Meditation Thought: “He is not here, for he has risen” (Matthew 28:6)

“You often look amiss, for you look in the physical, and the truth lies in the spiritual. When you do not understand, search more deeply, looking to the Word and Spirit. I would reveal to you wisdom and the means of power: power to do My will, power to move My works, power to increase love, wisdom and knowledge from the realm of the Kingdom to flow into the realm of the physical and the mind.

Seek more knowledge in the area of the brain and the body, knowing that, as your spirit is encased in your body, that the condition of the body affects the spirit. I would work in you in all areas of your life, and have you share your new-found knowledge to aid others. Believe in Me! Trust Me. Obey Me. Praise Me! Follow Me! The hills and the valleys are Mine, every living thing is Mine if it does not choose to leave Me and deny Me.

Connect yourself to My hand held out to you, and know the power, feel the power of My wisdom, knowledge, Spirit as it flows into you.

Use your imagination: form in your mind and your heart the vision of Christ’s mind within your mind, Christ’s compassionate heart within your heart, Christ’s strong physique within your body, Christ’s Spirit within your spirit, Christ’s faith within your faith, Christ’s prayers within your prayers.

Within – you are included, not excluded. I need you, I desire you, to serve as a repository for My Spirit. Be joyful, be righteous, be wise, be innocent, be compassionate that the flowing of your spirit within My Spirit, and My Spirit within your spirit, becoming mixed into a flowing of two streams into one river, may flow to the accomplishment of My works through you.”

The Definition of Peace

Many are willing to do some things My way – but few are willing to do all things My way.

Meditation Thought: ““For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14)

“Do it My way! If you seek to have Me be your sure guide, your loving host, your caring companion, your power in the journey of your life in human form – do it My way! Not the world’s way or your way – but My way: the way of the Word, the way of righteousness, the way of love, the way of forgiveness, the way of giving, giving, giving – and then giving more.

So few are chosen because so few choose My way totally. Many are willing to do some things My way – but few are willing to do all things My way. Only one tiny flaw in the whole can ruin the whole: this is why you must not pick and choose areas to do it My way or your way, but in every area do it My way.

My peace I give to you when you yield your will to mine.

My love I give to you freely.

My grace I give to you freely.

My blessing I give to you freely.

But My peace I give to you only as you yield your will to Mine, as you seek My forgiveness for the unyielded parts. For My Spirit within you must be at one with your spirit to bring harmony with Me – and harmony with Me is the definition of pease.”

Freedom in Belonging

Look to each moment with enthusiasm, knowing it holds a key to unlock a new secret of the kingdom.

Meditation Thought: “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

To such… looking with wonder, delighted in all the variety they find around them, excited to discover something new, open to knowledge, seeking to understand the world around them, seeking to understand themselves.

Come – come like a child to explore the kingdom – see it as a child sees the physical world: eager for every detail, rushing to learn about the latest discovery, pondering as to how it fits with the knowledge already stored away.

Look to each moment with enthusiasm, knowing it holds a key to unlock a new secret of the kingdom, as it fits together with all that is in your spirit, your mind, your emotions, your body.

“Seek ye first the kingdom” – for it is in the kingdom that the total truth lies: the truth that will make you free – not in bondage to your own self, not in bondage to another, not in bondage to the world. No, but free to peace, free to seek your purpose, free to pursue knowledge reserved for those who believe that in the kingdom is the fulfillment for which they long.

Power Infusion

To push doubt out, take the Word in.

Meditation Thought: “…if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

Push doubt out of yourself, and this creates a vacuum in which creative powers rush to do your bidding. To push doubt out, take the Word in – as the Word pushes doubt out, the creative powers flow in. If you know this is so, you have faith, and having faith, if you will act as if the creative processes have already accomplished your desire, your movement will make these powers move in tandem with your movement – much as a beloved little child takes hold of Daddy’s finger and moves Daddy to do her bidding. If Daddy is pleased with the direction the child is taking, he goes willingly and eagerly, and adds his strength and knowledge to that of the child to accomplish the child’s objective.

Thus, if you are moving in light of the Word, you are moving in the direction of the Father’s will. If you are moving in His will, you are also attached to His power, and if you ask for His assistance, He is pleased to give it to you.


You cannot skip over fundamentals to jump to the higher planes. You will be lost, confused and discouraged. Trust Me.

Meditation Thought: “You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.” (Matthew 16:3)

“To learn to interpret the signs of the times – or to learn anything – you must recognize your present ignorance, and furthermore, desire to replace ignorance with knowledge. You must desire this to the point of acting. You must seek where the answers lie: the signs of the times are in My Word and My Spirit. My Spirit leads you to the Word, and My Word leads you to My Spirit. Both are necessary, for both are an integral part of every creation.

Sharpen every sense, physical, mental, spiritual, by concentrating on the development of the sense. ‘Decently and in order’ will aid you in coordination of your studies. Do not daydream about another subject as you are in the classroom, but focus on the subject you are to be learning at the moment. You have many talents and graces to be developed, and learning the signs of the times is included. You cannot skip over fundamentals to jump to the higher planes. You will be lost, confused and discouraged. Trust Me: I know your progress and your difficulties. Stop trying so hard. Relax, allow Me to place you in circumstances and to give you words to guide you. Stop reaching, and start receiving what is coming but you do not observe. Life is not a complicated as you try to make it. Simplify your life: trust Me to do the arranging of your study schedule and your work schedule and your ‘play’ schedule and your sharing schedule. Fret not any more about what is undone – but enjoy doing the activity of the moment, doing it as a sacrifice of praise to Me: for I will bless My people for faithfulness.”

The Character of Life

The life found by ‘self’ is a lost cause, but…

Meditation Thought: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39)

“He who finds his life: the life found by ‘self’ is a lost cause – the life found by self is ultimately unrewarding; it turns sour and displeasing. But to lose your ‘self’ life by yielding it up to Me is to change the character of your life into a fruitful, sweet maturity, through My provisions for it on the cross.

If you cling to self, which avoids the cross – both My cross and your cross of total yielding to the demands of the Kingdom – you avoid also the full, good, satisfying life which the Father intended for you.

But to embrace My cross, and your own cross, you provide the energy to melt and change those crosses into shining jewels to beautify yourself as you offer them at the same time as symbols to our Father, to Me, and to the Spirit of your total commitment of your spirit to our fellowship.”

Superior Citizenship

Live each moment aware that later it will bring either peace or regret and there will be no changing of the consequences.

Meditation Thought: “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

“Cling to righteousness. No matter who or what tries to pry you away from righteousness, no matter what the consequences of your ‘stubbornness’ in hanging on – persist. For your reward will be great: so great you cannot now fathom it. Those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake are those who insist upon retaining citizenship in the Kingdom when others are insisting upon them changing their allegiance to the world. But they do not know the joys of the Kingdom, the power of citizenship in the Kingdom. Only by holding your citizenship through ‘thick and thin’ can you demonstrate the value of it, and thus prove both to yourself and to others that this citizenship is superior in every way to citizenship in the world.

Listen to the language of the Kingdom as it is spoken to you through My Spirit; heed the advice, acting in faith and joyful confidence that the advice is for your benefit and for the benefit of the Kingdom. One day all will know the whole truth – but it is too late then to make choices. You must choose on the basis of information available to you – only hints of the whole – in order to allow you freedom to choose. No choice is involved if the total picture is laid out and there is no struggle to find the pieces of it.

Live each moment aware that later it will bring either peace or regret and there will be no changing of the consequences. Concentrate, think, be aware of your momentary action, for it could, though you recognize it not, change the course of your life as well as many other lives.

Start this moment an intense training program of using your abilities, talents, faith, words, actions and desires to develop every facet of yourself into an exemplary citizen of the Kingdom. If you are persecuted for your loyalty to righteousness, so shall you be rewarded for your status as an exemplary citizen of the Kingdom, loyal to all of its statutes.”