A Pattern Uniquely for YOU

Let your Father show you how to weave a glorious pattern to give delight, to enhance the place he prepares for you in His Kingdom in heaven.

Meditation Thought: “Now I rejoice, not because you were grieved, but because your grief led to repentance” (2 Corinthians 7:9)

  • Death : Resurrection
  • Despair : Hope
  • Dormant : Live
  • Passive : Active
  • Proud : Humble
  • In-Self : In-God
  • In Weakness : In Power
  • Ineffective : Dynamic
  • Hate : Love
  • Sinful : Righteous

We choose with each breath we take. The pattern you follow will repeat: if you take care in making the pattern even and straight and whole, it will repeat itself with these desirable characteristics – but if you make it uneven by relying on your emotions, crooked by relying on your will, incomplete by the gnawing at it by sin – then the whole ‘run’ of your life will be suitable not for the grand living room in your Father’s house, but to be hidden away in a far, dark corner room.

Let your Father show you how to weave a glorious pattern to give delight, to enhance the place he prepares for you in His Kingdom in heaven. You must remember that you can see only the limited dwelling places of the world and patterns you would make for those alone would look out of place in the mansion in heaven. You need to trust your father as to the design that will be needed for eternity even though it may look out of place in the earthly realm.


Rejoice in the security of My hand enclosing yours; let me lead you gently.

Meditation Thought: “For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:15)

“Come, My children – take My hand in yours, and with your other hand reach out to clasp another: I will pass on the warmth of My love and grace and power through you. Be not afraid of the hand you hold – even if it feels cold, clammy, dirty, rough: your other hand which clasps mine will be all the comfort you need. And as the ministering of My ways passes from Me to you to another, their hand is cleansed, relaxed, healed, made strong and sure – sure enough one day to let go of your hand and reach directly for My hand, which became visible to them through your hand which they could see with their eyes before they could see My hand in faith. And so the pattern repeats: My Word is spread, My grace is spread, My Kingdom is spread throughout the earth.

Do not go seeking far and wide for hands to hold: only hold My hand, look to Me, and you will realize that a hand has taken hold of your other hand. Do not strain to serve Me: only rejoice in the security of My hand enclosing yours; let me lead you gently but firmly. The more you trust Me, the more relaxed you can be in our walk together – turn over the cares of your life to Me, for I wish to dissolve them, sometimes they will disappear one by one, sometimes they are so entwined that the release of one will release many. But always the care comes as a potential for My blessing, if you will but trust My leading in it and through it and out of it. Learn how to reinforce your trust in Me, and you will learn how to cast your burdens away, quickly becoming stronger in faith and trust and releasing more of yourself to Christ within you with each cast.”

Scenic Overlooks

The beauty is in the revelation of My Word, the face of a friend, the love of your family, the help of a stranger.

Meditation Thought: “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” (2 Corinthians 3:18)

“Gaze upon the beauty which I show to you, allow it to penetrate into your mind and your heart and your spirit – in this manner is the beauty absorbed into you, and emanates from you – a reflection of the beauty of the Spirit beamed into the world, that others may see in you what they have not yet found directly with their own eyes and mind and spirit. The reflection they see in you will affect them, creating a desire to see the original for themselves: just as you might see a photograph of an original work and long to see the original for yourself.

You know where to find the beauty of My Spirit – take time, take effort, to search it out: every day, every hour, every minute, as the opportunity is presented to you. The beauty is in the revelation of My Word, the face of a friend, the love of your family, the help of a stranger. If you do not see the beauty of My Spirit, it is because you are not focusing correctly: adjust your mind, your eyes, your heart, that you may see the situation from the viewpoint of the Kingdom instead of the viewpoint of the world. Let me lead you into new adventures, new lands, new knowledge of the depths of My Spirit, bathing you in the cleansing, healing, beautifying aura of My Spirit of righteousness and goodness and mercy and love: be transformed from one degree of glory to another.”

Broken Parts; New Parts

God has sealed us together.

Meditation Thought: “Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” (2 Corinthians 1:21-22)

God has sealed us together – separate individuals, perhaps touching before His seal, but not bound together. Once sealed together, the destiny of one part affects the destiny of the part sealed to it. And so we become changed – we must now consider our new part: we must treat it with love and consideration, with respect – we must help it – for its movement also moves us. Where it goes, we go too.

Or another way to see it: God created a beautiful vase – which our sin shattered into many pieces – but by His mercy and His grace, He seals us once more together to serve Him.

The Road to Friendship

Our loving Father is determined that we should remain in His chosen path for us so that we can be exposed to all of the wonderful things He has placed there for us.

Meditation Thought: “The Lord is a friend to those who fear him.” (Psalm 25:14)

I will respect the Lord and do His will, for His will is for my good. I will heed the Lord that my mind may be at peace and my heart full of joy. Blessed be the Lord! He is merciful and full of grace.

To fear the Lord, we must know of His power. To know of His power is to fear Him – but also to realize that the power is intended to be for our good. Only when we cross the will of God do we move from the positive side of His power into the negative side. When we are in the negative side, He is bathing us in the harsh chemicals of circumstance so that we might be changed and moved back to the positive side; in the positive state of being in God’s will, we are seen in focus, we are clearly outlined – no confusion or fuzziness clouds our image.

We need to fear God so that we can put forth the effort needed to submit our self-will and ego to His will and Christ’s ego or Presence within us. We need the incentive of knowing that God is more powerful than we, that He cares enough about us to guide us “on the straight and narrow” even if it sometimes hurts! Sometimes we are so aware of the confinement of the narrow way that we forget to look at the opening in front of us – the vision of all that is truly dear to us being right within that narrow way. While at times we may envy the broad road of the world where we could wander without bumping into the confines of righteousness – our loving Father is determined that we should remain in His chosen path for us so that we can be exposed to all of the wonderful things He has placed there for us – if we wander off to the broad roads of the world, we move along in time, wasting our movements and our thoughts on mundane, even evil and harmful things not planned for us by God.


Cleanse me, shine me, beautify me.

Meditation Thought: “ Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?” (1 Corinthians 3:16)

Oh Lord, help me to every day improve my temple to be more fitting as a place for You to dwell. Cleanse me of sin, shine me with your righteousness, beautify me with your love. Let me be a place where others are drawn to worship You, to come to learn more about You, to rejoice in You. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Take time to compare the temple you are with the temple of those who walked with Jesus. This will help you to restructure and redecorate your own temple in a manner more befitting the residence of God on earth. Jesus as man was the perfect temple: no mortal can become a perfect temple – but it is possible to yield to the Spirit within you to the point of becoming a pleasing temple, a temple based on the Ideal Temple, copying it as you come to study the Ideal Temple.

The Connecting Link

Lack of full knowledge does not preclude the receipt of some knowledge.

Meditation Thought: “ …for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith.” (Romans 3:23-25)

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – the world cannot contain, nor explain, the connotation of the Name: only in the glories and wisdom of heaven can this be comprehended. But lack of full knowledge does not preclude the receipt of some knowledge. Seek the meaning, the power, the love in the name of Jesus and all this name represents: this name is the gold, the key, the satisfaction, the fulfillment, the goal for which all seek, whether it is recognized or not.

Praise, praise, praise – praise intensifies trust and trust intensifies faith and faith intensifies the conforming of your will to My will for you: our wills emmeshed, fitting together into one harmonious, beautiful, strong and loving expression of My Spirit living within you and working within you and manifesting Myself through you into the world. For this purpose did Jesus Christ appear as man, suffer as man, die as man – and then reappear and does appear as Spirit, to guide you to the safety and to the joy of salvation forevermore, peace in your time on earth and the realization of love and grace, in earth and in heaven.

As you take the Word into your mind, it transforms your mind to conform it to the mind of Christ, whose mind is conformed to the Father’s will and instruction. Christ is the connecting link between the Divine will and the free will; between the Original and the image; between the Eternal and the temporal. The connection between Myself as Father and Christ as Son is ever firm, the connection between Christ and each soul is ever possible. It depends upon only one factor: each soul must choose to plug into that source of power which is waiting, which is visible and available, made so by My love and My grace and My wisdom.

Will you connect yourself firmly and continuously to this power? If so, your shining light will reveal the method of connection, the possibility of connection, the desirability of connection to all who know you.

I would have you be a powerful light: choose to make effort to be that light, connected and My power flowing through you will change your life from one of a life-light turned to “off” and a life-light turned to “on”. You need the connection of the Way and the switch in you turned to “on” by the infilling of the Spirit to shine powerfully and fully as you were designed to do.”

Golden Moment

Treat yourself as kindly as you attempt to treat others.

Meditation Thought: “Be gentle to everyone, able to teach, and patient.” (2 Timothy 2:24)

‘To everyone’ – including myself! “Treat yourself as kindly as you attempt to treat others when you are really concentrating. If you think gentle thoughts about yourself, you can relax and absorb apt teaching more readily. And do not be impatient when you do not learn the lesson immediately: practice is needed – and there is a purpose in practice. Practice gives the opportunity to choose to grow, or to be slothful and neglect practice and miss the goal. It is a way of separating again the choice of good and evil, God’s way and Satan’s way, the Kingdom way and the world’s way.

Be diligent – but forgiving, set your standards high – but be merciful, step out in faith – but lovingly, not overbearingly. As you see Jesus’ qualities in those around you, note each one of them and picture them all incorporated into one person: this mage will help keep man made in the image of God more of a reality to you. Search out the commandments and the manner in which Jesus lived out these commandments as the model for your life.

Look at each moment of your life as a door to a new beginning – clean, fresh, unmarred by sin, by selfishness, and an opportunity to bring glory to Me and peace and joy to you. Condition yourself to react to each moment – not each circumstance – as a believer in faith, in hope, in love, in charity, in mercy and in My power and My grace that each moment will be considered a ‘golden moment’ unconnected with any circumstance, but standing apart as a covenant time between you and your Lord.”

Spirit Banking

The scriptures in your mind are your deposit in the bank, and your prayer is the check that releases them for your use when they are needed.

Meditation Thought: “But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.” (Matthew 5:39)

“Turn the other cheek in an act of love, compassion, understanding, a sweetness of spirit – of Spirit, a compliance with heavenly laws rather than “human nature”. Thus you are staying in the Spirit and not being of the world. Your Spirit-strength will not go unnoticed; an act which could have come and gone without note, or have exploded into a quarrel, will thus be turned into a victory: for God, for you, for the striker as he/she sees a new way.

Pray first, act later: even in the situations where action is quickly required, a ‘flash prayer’ is possible and required. This releases power from heaven, and power in you, rightly directed and effective. The principles are consistent in every situation, but you must know how to operate them appropriately. The scriptures in your mind are your deposit in the bank, and your prayer is the check that releases them for your use when they are needed. Keep your account well deposited so that you can pray constantly and have ample scriptures to supply every need.

The words of my Kingdom are foreign to you now, but the longer you reside in the Kingdom in your mind and in your spirit, the more competent you will become in understanding and using the language. Only by trying to use it can you become proficient in it. Knowing the language will facilitate communication but the sign language of love can always be used, even before the language is learned. We have come full circle now – turning the other cheek is an act of love and not an act of hate, which the world might expect as a reaction to being struck. Your nature is to become 100% love so that whenever it is touched in any way – whether by a loving expression, or a hateful expression, the only response that is capable of emerging is a loving response: an understanding, compassionate, truth-knowing, God-oriented and God-directed response.”

Locking the Door on Fear and Worry

The formula of praise-trust-recall serves as a lock on the door of our heart to shut out worry and fear.

Meditation Thought: “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27)

“Let not” implies a choosing of letting or not letting. Therefore we do not have to allow the trouble or the fear to stay with us when it first tries to enter. God has revealed a number of ways that we can close the door to worry and fear: praising Him in various forms (singing, words of praise), trusting Him (reading or reciting scripture), recalling His past deeds on our behalf.

In the act of closing out fear and worry, we also open up new possibilities for God’s working in our lives, solving our problems, bringing us joy. The formula of praise-trust-recall serves as a lock on the door of our heart to shut out worry and fear.

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