Power Released

Do not thwart the power of the Spirit by blocking it with guilt, unbelief, laziness or apathy.

Meditation Thought: “This is what the Lord says: ‘Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed.'” (Isaiah 56:1)

“As a baby must grow and mature in order to comprehend who he is as a person, and who his parents are as his nurturers, so must a believer grow and mature to know who he is as an offspring of My Spirit, and who I am as the nurturer of his being.

Babies are inclined to get into all kinds of predicaments as they search for knowledge of the world and of themselves. Only the devotion of the parent keeps them from harm – or rescues them from their position of danger.

As the child grows, the more he is able to comprehend the love and devotion of the parent, the more he can understand the parent’s actions – even the actions which are not to his liking, such as denial of some of the child’s desires and discipline for wrong-doing, then the more he can accept these with calmness and a lack of rebellion. In understanding and cooperating with the parent, the child creates a climate – a relationship – which enhances his maturity and furthers his growth into the character that is pleasing to both the parent and himself. With such a character, providing the parent is wise and knowledgeable, the child has what he needs to cope with all conditions he will meet in his life.

Be a perceptive believer – a perceptive child of Mine. I will teach you the wisdom and knowledge which will enable you to cope with all conditions you will meet. I will not do this all ahead of time, however. You must trust me to know what to reveal to you before you have need for it and what to reveal in the urgency of the moment.

You can remove fear and doubt from your life by trusting me, by believing in Me and believing the communications which I give you. If you will start to base all of your decisions on the premise that I am your loving Father, actively guiding you into maturity and growth which will move you closer and closer to developing character which is like My character, you will release the power of the Spirit in your life as I have intended, and as Jesus demonstrated.

Truly accept My forgiveness of all that you have done which was not perfect in your sight or Mine – as you forgive your children. Do not thwart the power of the Spirit by blocking it with guilt, unbelief, laziness or apathy.

Only as you believe in me, only as you trust me, only as you obey me, will you be free from fear and doubt, and find peace and fulfillment – wherever you are, whatever the circumstances may be, and whatever you are called upon to do.”

Only You

I stand at the door of the heart and knock – but I will not break down the door. Each one must respond and open the door if I am to enter.

Meditation Thought: “no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17)

“Do not strain so much in your walk. You are focusing too much on the stones and steep places in the path, and not looking to the grandeur of the view – and to the excitement of reaching higher and higher places which will have views even more breath-taking.

The devotion of Jesus’ followers cannot be ignored. It is the very knowledge of the opposition to them – the intensity of it – that leads credence to their witness. If what they had found was not true – if it was not superior to ordinary existence – why did they suffer so to hold on to it and refuse to deny it?

When you, as did Jesus in the flesh, catch the vision of the way things should be; the way they are in My perfect plan, and when you are so enthused about helping to bring that plan into an accomplished fact that you ignore all opposition, then you are in the process of being confirmed to My character.

Only you can have the faith in Me great enough to seek My will and do it.

Only you can decide to trust Me not to cause you harm.

Only you can believe that I truly do love you, and that I created you to be the object of My love, and the delight of My heart.

Only you can respond to such a love with a similar love.

Only you can decide whether to welcome My Spirit into your spirit.

I stand at the door of the heart and knock – but I will not break down the door. Each one must respond and open the door if I am to enter.”

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