Isaiah 52:12-13

Mom’s journal dated 6/22/1984

Isaiah 52:12-13

…go out… purify yourselves, you who bear the vessels of the Lord, for you shall not go out in haste and you shall not to in flight, for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard. Behold, my servant shall prosper, he shall be exalted and lifted up very high.

Meditation Thought:

“You bear the vessels of the Lord: Holy Spirit and Jesus – the person and personality of Jesus is present in you, and the power of the Spirit is in you. WHY BE AFRAID? WHY DOUBT? WHY CONSIDER YOURSELF UNABLE TO COPE WITH LIFE?

You have the Word of the Father, the presence of the Son, and the power of the Spirit with you at all times through your faith. Nothing evil can defeat this team! You may face evil and do battle with evil – but you shall not be harmed by evil. You are the temple containing the vessels of the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and He shall not allow His temple to be destroyed, nor His vessels to be desecrated.

Do not focus on areas which confuse you – but on the wisdom which comes to you as you seek meaning in the right places – in the Word, in prayer, in loving service, in faithful actions.

Concentrate on the positive, eliminate the negative! You know which is which. The Word tells you, the Spirit tells you, your conscience tells you, circumstances tell you. In seeking the positive and forgetting the negative you will be transformed – as Christ was transformed by focusing on the power of the resurrection rather than the pain of the cross.

When you feel pain, concentrate on the coming resurrection power which will evolve when the circumstances move along to their conclusion!

Visualize healing, wholeness, holiness, beauty, love – all good things. Hold fast to the vision for it is the revelation of what I have gone ahead to prepare for you. I have prepared the kingdom; I take you to it in each circumstance. The circumstance is the way which must be traveled in order to reach the destination of the kingdom, that lovely place where you actually experience in every sense what you visualized through faith.

You realize by now that you live in multiple areas at the same time. As human events are varied, so are spiritual events varied. There are always projects in the planning stage, projects in the production stage, and projects in the completed stage.

You need to accept this and to appreciate each stage. Do not be discouraged by difficulties, for challenge serves two purposes: it inspires your mind and imagination, and it turns your focus to our relationship. It is through these factors that I am able to do My will freely, having received your consent and cooperation , and thus prosper you and raise you up. And then shall nations understand (Isaiah 52:17) through your devotion and obedience to me, the way, the Life and the Truth.

Each day will have its pain of the cross – but each day will have the joy of resurrection. While in pain, visualize the resurrection, and while in joy, be glad for the appearance of the pain which brought such an abundant harvest, which brought the reality of the kingdom.

In this way you can be thankful to me for all circumstances, and it is this key which opens the door of the kingdom upon which you knocked, that within the kingdom you have the gift for which you asked – a perfect understanding of our relationship of love and trust – the peace which you have sought.

When you are in pain, let me bring relief to you; through my Word, my Spirit – let me use the pain to bring forth new birth of an aspect of the kingdom. Do not abort the birth of something beautiful by lack of faith, or lack of labor, or lack of love.

The kingdom is to be born as an offspring of the world – through my faithful children, by my unbounding love and aid. Rejoice in your labor, knowing that it will produce the life which will give you utter joy.”

Isaiah 54:17

   no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed,
    and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord
    and their vindication[a] from me, declares the Lord.”

These are the thoughts Mom perceived as being from God the Father (6/27/1984):

“You must realize that despite the difficulties that Jesus encountered, He was always prepared for them. He had wisdom, strength and spiritual power to overcome every one of them – including death! In His teachings and in His life, which was an example of all He taught, He revealed the Truth of the nature I intended for my children to possess – if only they would choose to possess it, rather than to reject it by attempting to let self-will be their nature.

Do not strain so much in your walk along the way. You are focusing too much on the stones and steep places in the path, and not looking to the grandeur of the view – and to the excitement of reaching higher and higher places which will have views even more breath-taking.

When you read the Word, although Jesus and His followers did suffer from a misunderstanding world, how much did they talk about that?  – very little. Most of their concern was with the message – they had found a transformed way of life, and had a passion to share it. It brought them such fulfillment that nothing the world did to them could cause them to give it up, nor to stop recommending it to others.

Their devotion cannot be ignored. It is the very knowledge of the opposition to them – the intensity of it – that lends credence to their witness. If what they had found was not true – if it was not superior to ordinary existence, why did they suffer so to hold on to it, and refuse to deny it? They learned and grew in wisdom, in faith, in trust, in competency, in confidence, step by step – and that is the proper pattern for all to follow.

Seek my will for this moment, and do your best to be my obedient child at this moment; I have you in my loving arms. Only that which will further my purpose for your life – and for all of life – will be allowed to touch you.

Trust me. I conceived you in love; I teach you in love; I treasure your response of love. Fear has no place in such a relationship. Faith is one another’s love is the basis of the relationship. I need your love just as crucially as you need my love.

Don’t you see – I will not cause situations which will alienate your love for me. I will not treat you as a spoiled child and cater to your every demand, whether it pleases me or not – but I will seek to please you within the context of good parenting.

When you, as did Jesus in the flesh, catch the vision of the way things should be, the way they are in My perfect plan, and when you are so enthused about helping to bring that plan into an accomplished fact that you ignore all opposition, or turn it aside by the power I give to you – then you are in the process of being conformed to my character, rather than your own selfish character, or the character that the world would impress on you.

Doesn’t it make sense that if you were formed in my image, that any distortions which have occurred are better removed, even with pain, in order that you may return to that true image of your Father, who has no equal on earth or in heaven?

And if this is true for you, isn’t it true for all? Aren’t you willing to sacrifice some of your own preferences in order to bring more of my children into a realization of who their Father truly is, and what He desires to do for them?

I have tried my best to show how much I love you – to the point of doing almost everything for you that will assure your peace and joy – but one thing I cannot do – I cannot violate your free will, and force you to seek my will and do it even though I know that this is what will bring you your deepest heart’s desired fulfilled. Only you can have the faith in me great enough to seek my will and do it. Only you can decide to trust Me not to cause you harm. Only you can believe that I truly do love you, and that I created you to be the object of my love, and the delight of my heart. Only you can respond to such a love with a similar love. Only you can decide whether to welcome my  Spirit into your spirit. I stand at the door of the heart and knock – but I will not break down the door. Each one of my children must respond and open the door if I am to enter.

I know that I can bring good if I am allowed to enter. When my child knows, then is Truth perceived, the way perceived, and the kingdom come upon the earth as my Spirit communes with the spirit of my child, in harmony, in love, in mutual trust and mutual understanding. My Spirit is the ‘kingdom’, my child’s spirit is the ‘earth’. The uniting of the two is the fulfillment of the heart’s desire of both the Father and the child.”