The Key to Peace, Joy and Love

In this type of love, “enemies” are converted to friends, strife is dissolved into harmony, war is stopped and peace reigns.

Meditation Thought: “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them… Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints, practice hospitality. Bless those who persecute you – live in harmony with one another.” (Romans 12:6,12,14,16)

There is an attitude which is the proper one for all who seek to be the loving, obedient, willing children of God; it is a reflection of our Father’s attitude: TOTAL LOVE. Love which allows the beloved to choose, love which does not condemn, but teaches a better way – mostly by example. Love which recognizes the desirability and the reality of each member being unique – and not only accepting the uniqueness, but enhancing the qualities of it which will bring glory to the Father.

In this type of love, “enemies” are converted to friends, strife is dissolved into harmony, war is stopped and peace reigns. The kingdom is superimposed upon the earth: the tawdry places are made shining clean, selfish motives give way to commitment to the common good, the wealthy eagerly aid the poor – and the poor accept the aid as a “talent” – to be used to increase the wealth for all, not accepting it as a gift for self only; as Paul states it, all of these behavioral patterns shall result in: “loving one another with brotherly affection.”

Is this not the purpose for which Jesus came? Is it not the purpose for which life takes on meaning for us, and richness, and joy?

It is in the knowing that this is the key to our heart’s desire that we are able to use our gifts gladly: giving joyfully and generously. For in loving one another in brotherly affection, we fulfill God’s will for us – we cannot love our fellow creatures without loving Him who created all. To love and to be loved is the central theme of Christianity. It is also the will of the Father, the joy of the Father and the sons, and the one way which leads to peace and fulfillment.

I wanted peace,
I wanted joy,
I wanted love.
I said “Give”,
Give me peace,
Give me joy,
Give me love.”

The answer came:
“When you change
‘You give me peace,
You give me joy,
You give me love,’


‘I give you peace,
I give you joy,
I give you love,’

You shall possess
please and joy, and love.”

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