Hebrews 12: 6,10

Meditation Thought: “The Lord disciplines him whom he loves… he disciplines us for our good.” Hebrews 12:6,10

“You are not perfect – not a perfect expression of my character. Therefore, I must help you in the necessary changes to move you more closely to perfection, since you desire this as your highest priority. Sometimes the necessary discipline – much of which is merely the effect from what you have caused – is unpleasant. Bear it in good grace, for it will soon pass as you understand and move ahead in a more perfect obediance.

My desire for you to do my will is not due to my authority, but due to my great love for you. I have vast resources of wisdom, knowledge and power which I desire you to benefit from, but you must do your part to release them in your life – you must use your mind to learn the word, your faith to believe the promises, your spirit to comprehend the word and the promises, and your emotions to draw the surge of power. To do all of these you need discipline to forgo other pursuits that you may have time and energy for these.

Light your way with love. Walk your way in peace. Enhance your way with kindness.

Thus did Christ go His Way.

There is a secret to it: Perceiving the will of the Father – and doing it.

This is “discipline”.

It is not a matter of punishment, But a matter of practicality.

Allow this thought to penetrate, To change your attitude.

Be glad to know, And willing to do.

Your joy and fulfillment come not in leisure, But in movement:

Dynamic, exciting, ever-unfolding revelations

Brought forth through discipline –

The commitment of self To that which is True and Good.

Never Wavering, But steadied by Christ Living in your heart,

Demonstrating and nurturing.

“Discipline” becomes a friend, the helper, the accomplisher.

It is the Way to the kingdom.

There is no other way for you to find contentment.

Whether you wish it so, or wish it not,

This is the Truth.

To know the Truth Is to be free.”



Hebrews 1:1,6

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen… and without faith it is impossible to please him [God]. For whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Hebrews 1:1,6

If I do not believe in the existence of something, I will have nothing to do with it. I will live as if it never was – even if it affects me, I will be unaware that it is the cause of something in my life, and I will react inappropriately – perhaps even causing harm to myself.

On the other hand, if I believe there is something which I have not yet found, but desire to have exist and desire to find it, I will seek it. If it truly does exist, I will find it. I will not find it if I give up part way along the search, however, because I have lost my faith.

I must try to use every means at my disposal to find what will give great meaning to my life – and faith is necessary – in fact, the first step to the other methods.

Prayer: Lord, I want faith. I have some – and You promised that if I had faith even the size of a mustard seed You would honor it and provide what You promised me. And You promised what I desire – the peace that passes all understanding. Thank you. I claim that promise with my faith. I desire it with all my heart to be fulfilled.

I believe, I believe, I believe: in You as sovereign Lord, as sacrificing Savior, as indwelling Spirit. Yes – I’m me, but not just me. I’m You, too – because You created me, and of necessity I carry You in me, as my children carry some of my physical characteristics, and the results of living with me – the influence I had on their thoughts and behavior.

Now if I believe that You are in me, and I do – and If I seek to know You – and I do – and if I expect You to reward me – and I do, then my life is going to be changed by my belief, and by Your acting upon my belief in You and in Your promises.

Thank you that You created me in love. Thank you that You sustain me in love. Thank you that I can rely on faith in your promises to be the power that turns the promises into completed acts.

I love you, Lord – I confess I don’t know You as intimately as I would like. I certainly don’t think, feel and act as I should when I know as much about your character as I do, and profess I want to reflect your character.

But I’m yours – and that in itself guarantees that You love me and I love you. We are bound to get closer and closer because of this fact. And I love that idea, because You are one great Father, who express yourself in infinite, interesting, helpful ways.

I have a lot of curiosity, and have a desire to have things wrapped up neatly – the challenge met, the mystery solved, the puzzle completed. But I suspect that if all was complete for my very long I’d be bored and restless – and lazy. I would lose my faith because I’d have all evidence and no missing pieces to be searching for. So, I recognize that I need to have faith be a part of me, even if I do get impatient, wanting instant results.

Help me Lord, to develop faith that is the power to get Your will done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ Precious Name I pray. Amen.

Psalm 96:1-4

“O sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing to the Lord, bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.” (Psalm 96:1-4)

When joy is so great that it cannot be contained, it is expressed in song. What better way to express the joy of the knowledge of God’s love?

God does save; God is glorious, God performs marvelous work; He is great – He deserves to be praised!

To think about all this is to bring a glow to life – it encourages in times of difficulty, and brings a sense of gratitude, which removes pride, in times of gladness.

We are God’s own – His family, his beloved. How wonderful to belong to One who is at once powerful and kind. We long for people to be our allies when they are powerful, but it gives us a sense of ‘rightness’ and joy when they are also kind.

So it is with God as our Father, we have a sense of rightness and joy when we are thinking of Him, communicating with Him, heeding Him and praising Him. What greater gift could we receive than to feel right and feel happy? This is exactly what we all seek, no matter who we are, what our circumstances may be, or what we are doing.

The treasure hunt for a sense of rightness and joy can end in success only when we know God, trust God, heed God, love God – and know that He loves us, encourages us, teaches us, cares for us, and leads us to the treasure. We must move toward it, as we are made aware of its existence and as we perceive clues to its whereabouts. Otherwise we never find it.

When it is found, though, only a song of praise to God can express our joy, and repay Him for His care for us – the sound of our praise is His joy, and is the fulfillment of His will – the provision made to bring to Him a sense of rightness. Mutual love and mutual respect combine to bring glory to God and peace to Man.

Isaiah 65:22-24

‘…my chosen shall long enjoy the works of their hands. They shall not labor in vain, or bear children for calamity, for they shall be the offspring of the blessed of the Lord, and their children with them. Before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear. (Isaiah 65:22-24)

“‘My chosen’ is a term which should indicate to you that you are special, cherished, loved, and destined to know the peace and joy of the life of a child of God. It is true that every person is born with this same intention – but each one needs to realize this, and to respond, to make it become reality.

You have reached the stage where you have some awareness of who you are as my child, and at times respond appropriately to that knowledge. Now we must work together to develop your character and your life into full comprehension of who you are as my child, and what you do as the consequence of this knowledge.

Jesus is the revelation of My Child perfected; follow Him, for through Him I teach the Truth, and reveal the source of power to transform human into divine. Through the indwelling Spirit are you transformed. When you understand the message Jesus has brought for you, and you act appropriately in response to it, you become a new creature in Christ: at once human and divine. Is this a person who should fear, or move timidly? No – Christ-infused people are confident knowing that my depth of love for them, and for all of my creation, and my power and ability to create good out of every situation will render helpless any evil which would block our mutual expression of love for one another or our desire to please one another.

If the terror of the cross could be transformed into the glory of reconciliation, and the reality of this confirmed time and time again, cannot every vile thing that man conceives in rebellion to my desire for him (for his own satisfaction, if he would but realize it) be transformed by me into a beautiful thing? Yes – whenever one understands me and obeys me as did Jesus.

You do exist, and you are in circumstances where you must choose, every moment, what you will make of your life. Helpless you may feel, frustrated you may feel, rebellion you may feel – nevertheless, you are forced to cope, one way or another, with each moment.

There is the narrow, difficult, but right and rewarding way. There is the easy, selfish – and ultimately self-destructing way.

The more you travel along the right way – My way designed for your peace, fulfillment and joy – the more you understand that the alternate way is only a delusion of being easy, of being gratifying – for on the higher way you can observe the whole scene – the end of the roads, and you are not deceived by appearances of the moment. You know where both roads lead, when you travel the lower road, using only self-perceptions, you can see only where you are – not where you are going to be. Who would deliberately set out on a path of self-destruction? Not anyone who is sane and whole. Yet there is much evidence to show that there is a way to self-destruction. DO NOT TAKE THAT WAY WHEN THE BETTER WAY HAS BEEN MADE CLEAR TO YOU. Have faith in what has happened in your spiritual life – that it is not a delusion, but the reality of Truth and it will set you free from evil and fear and despair.”


Isaiah 64:5

“Thou meetest him that joyfully works righteousness, those that remember thee in thy ways.” Isaiah 64:6

Mom’s prayer (included because I think it applies to most, if not all, of us and it does not violate Mom’s privacy): Father, I understand that you desire me to adopt your standards as my own, and are pleased when I resemble you in any way. Please help me to be the daughter you desire – for I know that person shall be pleasing to me, and I need her, I desire her – I long for her. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Note the ‘joyfully’ works righteousness. Surely I have revealed to you now – through Christ, through the Spirit, through circumstances, through your own longing – that I am a joyful Father – I created in a joyful mood, and I sustain the universe in joy. I try and try to reach my children to convey to you the good news that I am not a wrathful Father but a loving Father with a sense of humor and an appreciation for comic relief from the more serous parts of life.

Of course there are challenges to be met – and conquered – but there can be work and discipline without grimness. In fact, the happier the worker is, the better the work gets done. Use your imagination and the other faculties at your disposal to make each task a happy one for you to do, recognizing that all tasks are purposeful – not just for others, but for you – they develop you in some way, ideally anyway if you understand, into a person who will be pleasing to Me, and to you.

Stop concentrating on your petty concerns and concentrate on an over-all concept of expanding the kingdom on the earth, bit by bit, task by task.

See yourself as dynamic, effective and happy as a kingdom-builder, wherever you are led to build. I know the results of your labors, even if others or you do not perceive the results, particularly in the first stages of development.

Take care always to build, and not to destroy anything that is kingdom-material.

Test your perceptions against the Word, particularly Jesus’ words and His actions as recorded in the Word, praying in the Spirit as you do so. If you do not try even when you are afraid, or misunderstand, you cannot build.





Psalm 139

Oh  Lord, thou has searched me and known me!… thou discerneth my thoughts from afar – and art acquainted with my ways… Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! (Psalm 139: 1,3,23,24)

“Follow Jesus – over the ‘way everlasting’. Jesus came because I know you, know your thoughts, know your wicked ways. He is your salvation from wicked ways, wicked thoughts – He is the Light that reveals My Perfect Way – the ideal itinerary for your days. To simply move where it seems natural to go, but to be disciplined in thinking, saying and doing all in harmony with the Word and the Life revealed in the Word is to move in the way everlasting.

Along this way you will encounter all the things that you would encounter on any other path – obstacles, aids, puzzlements and revelations. But on this way you will have a companion to reveal the meaning behind what you encounter. The Companion explains, gives courage, gives power, gives love – gives of Himself, His very life for you. He sacrifices for you more than you sacrifice for your loved ones.

You are not to feel guilty about this – but to be grateful in a joyful manner – to feel cherished, protected, safe, as a child feels in a parent’s loving embrace, whatever the situation may be.

Do not move in fear, in apprehension that you may not do a perfect job – you cannot on your own, do a perfect job. It is My grace, power, love and righteous character released into your being through your faith in Jesus as Savior, Jesus as Lord, Jesus as the Way, that perfects your works.

Seek to do my will according to My Word and My Life living within you – and you will find the Way.

You know the key to doing my will and heeding my word, from what I have revealed this morning in its various forms: discipline – the mindset of being determined, of being focused, of being moving in the proper direction.

You, and others, will be amazed at the accomplishments of your days that were formed for you if you will do things “____ and in order” (can’t read that word). I will show you the way. You need only look for my instructions, rather than being distracted by your own thoughts and daydreams or other’s demands. I shall provide everything you need to do my will and my works – according to your belief.

If you believe in Me, if you trust Me, if you heed Me – you will be led in the way everlasting, and life will be sweet and good, whatever happens during the days that were formed for you. I formed you that I might love you, and that you might love me. I formed everyone to love, and to love me. I formed everyone to love one another. Only a rebellious heart can turn life away from the sweetness and goodness which I intended it to be.

Conquer your rebellious heart and help others to conquer their rebellious hearts. The effort, the discipline, and the courage needed to do this will be rewarded uncounted times over by our love for one another expressed in harmony, in peace, in order – in rightness of the way everlasting, for you and for Me, for all who can find it.

You have evidence, you have experience, you have faith, you have knowledge, you have wisdom – let no one rob you of your reward for having found these by distracting you from the continued pursuit of the everlasting way through them. The frothy pleasures of the world are to be tasted only in tiny sips – they do not constitute a nutritious constant diet which will sustain you in good health.

Reach a balance in your life by wise use of your days – focusing your energies upon the Light within, which will by my power, explode into energies which will transform the world into the kingdom.”

John 14:13

“Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  (John 14:13)

I have come to show you the Way to the Father – seek and you shall find! Have I not proved that the Father loves you – will move heaven and earth for you?

 When I cried “My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” – I was bearing the sin of the world at the moment (separation from the Father) that it would become more feasible for all to be saved (to be with the Father). Seek within: The Father is in you, as the Son and Spirit are in you – the Father carries you above danger, the Son points the Way, the Spirit clears the path. Fret not, but rejoice! You are aware, and is that not a miracle? You can see, hear, touch, taste, smell – are these not miracles? You can think – is this not a miracle? You can choose – you are fortunate to have many choices: choose to love, to appreciate, to enjoy whatever is, wherever you are: Look for the signs of the Father – in the miniscule, in the grand, in each moment.

You can, you know

Rise above the sordid,

The mundane, the weak.

Choose this moment

To serve God –

Then shrieks of agony

Change to laughter bubbling free.

Pain gives way to peace,

And chaos to harmony.

To create – to give birth –

To transform, to change, to give:

Not easy tasks, even difficult.

Why should you do them?

That you may grow, build, become strong,

And give to the world, to the kingdom,

That which you have created.


Are you pleased?

Is what you have given birth to





Have you given food for the hungry?

Comfort to the bereaved?

Understanding to the lonely?

What matter the form,

Or place, or to whom?

May what you give birth to

Be what has given birth to you:

Love, Grace, Harmony, Power,

Righteousness, Mercy, Kindness,

Understanding, Encouragement,



If you seek to be true to your inheritance,

To walk in the footsteps

Of your Father,

To hand down to all you create

The image of Him Who is in you –

Then ask in My Name,

That the Father may be glorified

Through your creation

By the power of Jesus’ Name –

In your inner life,

And in outward manifestations.

Create: Give birth.

Reflect the Son,

Who reflects the Father,

Who has the whole world in His hands.

Matt. 16:18,19

…”on this rock (faith in the God-given revelation that Jesus is Christ) I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”  (Matt. 16:18,19)

The strength of your belief will determine the extent of your willingness to spend effort and time in using the keys I give you to bind and to loose; My power is not only “sufficient for thee”; it is so extensive it is beyond the understanding of mankind. If you try the keys, you shall “do greater works” and you will have great influence upon the world.

You cannot enter into such power from outside of the kingdom: the atmosphere of heaven is known only through using the keys to unlock the gates that you may enter in. You may come and go at will between heaven and earth—between the spiritual realm and the material realm – if you have the keys. I offer them to every person – but not all realize the possibilities lying behind the doors. If they sought to know, they would rush to grasp the keys, no matter what obstacles might be between themselves and the keys. It is possible to unlock so many doors to the kingdom that you have open access from the world to the kingdom – much as sliding doors open a home to the outdoors. You can enjoy both realms at the same time, and can bring the beauty from heaven readily into the structure of earth.

In the kingdom all is love, harmony, beauty, righteousness. There is not one area on earth, whether animate, inanimate, of a theoretical or emotional nature which cannot be reconciled with these attributes by faith in this proposition and by seeking appropriate ways of applying it.

Let there be beauty in your eyes,

And love on your lips.

Hands are for helping

And possessions for sharing.

The trust in a little one’s heart

Is what I seek in you.


I love you:

Did I not create you for this?

I seek to show you the Way – what Way?

The Way to perpetual gladness,

Unending peace.

In your heart you know this truth.

Why, oh why, do you hesitate

To believe it?

Why imagine Me as harsh

When I am Love?

Why fear Me when you are a part of Me?

We are one – and distance or time

Cannot separate us, any more than

Distance or time separate your loved ones

From your heart and mind,

Your imagination and love.


Give up your plodding walk.

The “key” I give you

Is a ticket to take flight:

You can rise, soar, and fly with speed

Wherever you desire to go.

I go with you: I am you Pilot.

Together we choose our destination.

Together we realize

There is nothing dull,

Nothing unimportant,

Here – or there – or anywhere;

Not when we are looking from above –

Observing all:

Perceiving the whole,

Relating the parts,

Seeing the pattern –

Ever changing, yet ever lovely;

Not one part is excess, and none the same:

All beautiful, in My sight,

Bringing joy and glory to Me.

That “half the fun is getting there”.

Rev. 4:8,11

“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come. Worthy art thou, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for thou didst create all things, and by thy will they existed and were created.”  (Rev. 4:8,11)

Do not seek to usurp My power and My authority over you, but know that by humble obedience, and gracious respect for My power and authority, you shall exchange the cross for the crown. In the wakeful hours last night the words of “The Old Rugged Cross” came to you over and over. I spoke to you in these words. Learn to love the crosses in your life because you recognize them as My works to perfect you as My image. They are the means of your growing into maturity, forming your character, your thoughts, your words, and your deeds as accurate reflections of My character, My thoughts, My words, My deeds. This knowledge and this acceptance of My intended will for you is the living of your life in the world simultaneously as you live your life in the kingdom. As a prisoner can serve “concurrent” sentences, so you can serve concurrent lives; you actually live in two dimensions in the same time span.

 As an indoor swimming pool may have water flowing into a connected outdoor pool, so I remove the barrier of sin that would separate the interchange. You were created to span the inside and outside: the spiritual and the physical. If sin divides the two, then the physical is confined, retaining all of the debris that lights on its surface as it is the “outside” part of the water. But if through prayer and obedience you seek Me to remove that sin barrier, then the pure, protected spirit-water rushes in, tossing the debris over the edge of the pool, removing it from the whole body of water. Neither pool should be isolated, but always they should be interconnected that both areas may be refreshing to all who come in contact with the water.

This analogy is not perfectly clear to you at this point, but trust that your searching for the truth of all of life, both spiritual and physical, shall result in greater understanding which in turn is the tool that transforms the shape of the cross into the shape of a crown.


Haggai 1:7-9

“Thus says the Lord of hosts: Consider how you have fared. Go up to the hills and bring wood and build the house, that I may take pleasure in it and that I may appear in My glory, says the Lord. You have looked for much, and lo, it came to little; and when you brought it home, I blew it away. Why?” says the Lord of hosts. “Because of my house that lies in ruins; while you busy yourselves each with his own house.” (Haggai 1:7-9)

Do you understand that whenever the Word refers to physical substance, it is merely to clarify a spiritual truth? The admonition to “build my house” in the Old Testament is expressed in the New Testament as “feed my sheep”. The Spirit must be interpreted to each generation according to its understanding.

To one generation, communication between My people and Myself was most easily expressed as building altars and worshiping at them; to another, the revelation of the Spirit was taught within the context of daily life, of which shepherding was a part. In your generation, the realm of the mind has gained recognition, and My Spirit seeks to renew minds, converting them to be conformed to the mind of Christ. I have worked in all generations, for neither My nature nor human nature changes, but the particular characteristics of a civilization, a nation or a person require an adaptability of expressions of the Spirit. I seek to reveal to you the relationship of mind to the spiritual, to that which is physical and to circumstances. There is a relationship and those who have sought it have been set apart from those who have ignored My plea to seek to understand it.

Where the Spirit is welcomed, there is the renewing of the mind. The accumulation of sin, of guilt, and of disobedience is scraped away by repentance and dedication to Me and My will.  This brings us to the clean, strong, beautiful foundation of your yielded will on which we build a new home:  this time we build on edifice to serve two purposes: it is a home for both your spirit and My Spirit.

I can re-shape your spirit as you allow Me to do so. Your spirit has been deformed by your free will not having sought to be conformed to the shape of My will. Now we can tear down all that is misshapen and rebuild your spiritual house in a properly shaped manner. You see now the shape: the shape is a cross.  There is a place in the cross which is central where all four extensions meet. The analogy is this: The expression of the father Spirit, the expression of the Christ Spirit, the expression of the Holy Spirit, and the expression of your spirit all meet together at the place where you accept the reality of the other three parts of the cross being attached to you. Once you realize that your spirit is not a separate entity with all of your life limited within it, but that there is contact possible with three other spirits which will then bring a new shape, a new strength, a new purpose, and a new future to your life, then the things that were impossible become possible, the bad is changed into good, unrighteousness into righteousness, discord into harmony, hate into love, stained into pure, pain into peace, despair into hope, sadness into joy, and darkness into light.

Those who approach the door of your life cannot know what lies beyond the door unless you invite them, unless you encourage them to come with you beyond the entryway of yourself. Invite your guest into the central room where all of us meet together. This room is at the same time an “all-purpose room: and an “altar room”.  The hungry are fed at the Lord’s table, the weary find comfort in the Father’s loving arms, the discouraged find strength in the power of the Holy Spirit. The lost find the Way through your spirit leading them to this room where the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit await to minister.

If you can become humble enough to admit that you do not have the capacity to live a full life in only the entryway of self, and furthermore you do not resent the fact, but find relief and pleasure that this is so, then we can, every moment in time, work together to enhance our common dwelling-place.

Do not turn away anyone who seeks to enter into the door of your life, that all may be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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