Preparation is the Key

If distressing circumstances drive destroying forces against the one who would produce fruit, then we can protect ourselves from them by specific means.

Meditation Thought: “If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority.” (John 7:17)

When the knowledge of the Father is great enough to prompt courage to yield our will to the will of the Father, there is transformation. The earth is transformed by the effect of heaven upon it – the invisible effects of what occur in the sky affecting the earth below is merely symbolic of a nature which permeates all of creation. The spirit is the determining factor of the physical.

To one who looks only at the earth, there is no connection with the events there having been prompted by the activities in the sky. But to those who look outside of their own narrow confines of earth – to those who look upward – is revealed the signs of what will take place, and thus they are able to prepare their property on earth to be the most enhanced by what will happen.

If there is sunshine, then the preparation is removing weeds so that the good plants grow unhampered by strength being sapped by weeds. If rain is forthcoming, the soil should be loosened beforehand that the water may soak in and not run off. If the winds are coming, and driving rain or snow or ice, then the plants should be protected.

To translate to a parable: the sunshine is the Word, and the removal of thoughts incompatible with the word is to absorb the sunshine into the mind, benefiting the mind greatly because all of its energy is concentrated on Godly thoughts, and not used to combat weeds of unGodly thoughts. The Godly thoughts thrive unhampered by unGodly thoughts.

The soil of the will should be loosened to receive the water of the Spirit. A hardened will cannot absorb the rains of the Spirit.

If distressing circumstances drive destroying forces against the one who would produce fruit, then we can protect ourselves from them by specific means:
– The Word in us
– Prayer
– Loving deeds
– Kind words
– Trust in God
And having thus done all we can to be protected, give thanks to God for the storm, knowing that it shall pass, and that some benefit to us shall be left in its wake.

All creatures on earth are subject to the activities of the sky – but we do have the choice of learning how the activities can effect us and thus we can affect our thriving or our destruction. God seeks to cause us to look away from our downcast view of our own little place on earth – to look upward and outward, discovering a whole new world of vastness and beauty, of others like ourselves, and never again are we the same. We are not isolated in our ignorance, but we are joyous in knowledge and good company. We have the benefit of cooperating with both the elements of the sky and the other elements of the earth to be the best that we can be – and to help others be the best that they can be.

(Note from Karen (see About this Blog) I couldn’t help but think of Lauren Daigle’s song Look Up Child when thinking about this post.)

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