Mirrors and Reflections

Meditation thought: “To the pure all things are pure, but to the corrupt and unbelieving nothing is pure; their very minds and consciences are corrupted.” (Titus 1:15)

All whom you see, all whom you hear, all that you perceive is but a reflection of your own image – you do not recognize this when you at first look ahead – but as you come closer and closer to the mirror of the Truth, you see more clearly what is reflected in that mirror.

Some reflections are distorted, ugly, repulsive: these are the images of your portions not yet conformed to the image of Christ: you may perceive them as others who cause you strife, as circumstances which are difficult for you, as moods which distress you.

Yes, they do exist as entities by themselves, there is substance behind them: they are pertaining to other souls who struggle to see their reflections in their own mirrors of Truth.

But they are at the same time a reflection of your life within.

Do you understand that by viewing all that is reflected in your own mirror of Truth, and seeking to improve the appearance of what you view, that while you change the reflection by your efforts, you automatically also change reflections in other mirrors of Truth viewed in places other than from where you stand?

The images on the many mirrors are reflected from one to another by the light of heaven: each soul’s image thus changes many images.

You can choose to project beauty or ugliness: and in your choice, you will draw reflections of similar nature, for like attracts like in the spiritual realm, and in the world.

If you would have peace in your soul, then project peace; if you would have love, project love; if you would have forgiveness, project forgiveness; if you would have health, project health. Do not attempt to hoard what is within you, for your portion is scant. If you project – give – what is within, then that attracts like portions which will return to you.

Life is not to be as a stagnant pool, but as a might river: powerful, changing, providing interesting movement. Even the light from heaven is more exciting as it is reflected in rapid movement.

Discipline your mind according to your spirit attuned with My Spirit, seek the “healing emotions”, give your body the elements it needs for excellent health, and give of your goods, your energy, your compassion and understateding – your love – that you may multiply the reflections of beauty in the large mirror of my universe which is composed of all of the tiny mirrors reflecting the inmost thoughts as well as the outward signs of my creations.

Imitate Me

Meditation Thought: “I charge you… to preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke and exhort, be unfailing in patience, and in teaching… the time is coming when people will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths.” (2 Timothy 4:2-4)

I teach you patiently – imitate Me. First I love you, forgive you, pour my blessings upon you – and then teach you. Imitate Me. First the love, the understanding, the desire to help – then when the timing is right in the relationship – when the pupil is eager to know what you know – then the teaching can begin.

Know when to use each process of teaching: when to listen, when to contemplate, when to talk.

Seek my guidance through word and through Spirit that you may be stroking your oar in rhythm with all else concerned with the teaching. If your timing is off, then you reap little result.

There is much knowledge for you to learn before you can teach well. But do not hesitate to share what you have already learned. This practice teaching shall prepare you to be ever more effective in assimilating knowledge and in teaching it.

Do not forget your basics: Seek through Word and Spirit, right thinking, right actions, strong faith, eternal hope and determination to finish the race to be effective in your learning and teaching.

Claim Romans 8:28 when you err and when you are confused and when you are opposed.

I created you, and I created those whom you teach: cannot I also work changes in my creations whom I love? Choose to know Me, for in knowing Me, you learn of my methods, and can apply them in your life.

There is no teaching method as effective as example. You have my words and my ways recorded, you have the power of my Spirit within you – you are equipped for teaching by example: Choose to do so.

No other commitment, no other discipline, no other sacrifice of your own will shall reap the glad harvest that will result from the seeking of My Kingdom. The seeking of My Kingdom is the preparation for the harvest.

Sow the tiny seed of your faith, feed it with the Word, water it with the Spirit, keep the doubts which are weeds that would choke it away by constant prayer. If you will do these things you will rejoice at harvest time. If you will do these things, all who see you properly tending to your seed of faith will learn from you and their seeds shall benefit. And so shall My Kingdom benefit.

There is no one quite like you,

Aren’t you glad it’s so?

To be special, loved for all you are,

Is sweet and good and right.

Remember, though, to share that love,

It cannot be held up tight.

It is the rushing energy of love

that moves the world from sorrow, sin and fright

To peace of heaven, joy and praise,

bathed in Spirit’s light.




Fulfillment of Purpose

Meditation thought: “You have observed… my sufferings,… what persecutions I endured, yet from them all the Lord rescued me.” (2 Timothy 3:11)

Look not at any Word save Mine, any model save Mine, any spirit, save Mine, any source save Mine: all good words are Mine, all righteous models are Mine, all spirits holding My Spirit within are Mine, all sources loving and beautiful are Mine.

Concentrate on My Word in the Bible and my Spirit within you, especially as you prepare for your day.

But I place before you many fine examples of works and workers of my Kingdom which are visible in the world. These works and workers will enable you to effectively and speedily apply the lessons you learn in our concentrated quiet times together.

You are saved from sufferings and persecutions by faith, you receive faith and are able to use it by seeking My Word, My Will and My Presence: not just desiring these, but disciplining yourself and using your energies and sacrificing your own desires in order to pursue the search enthusiastically and effectively.

Seek the pattern which repeats itself throughout all of life: I create, I nurture, I mature, I harvest.

Only people contain my Spirit and thus are my special creations: only people can choose to acknowledge me or reject me. Only people can worship me, can recognize me as Lord. Thus have I given people dominion over the rest of my creations – but my purpose in doing so is to bring glory to myself through the means of all of creation, and fulfillment of all of creation through the joy released in giving glory to Myself.

Only as people come to know this principle is joy possible in every circumstance, only by living the principle does it attract the attention of those who are not aware of it.

The self fights this principle – until recognizing that giving up self-will to Eternal Will is actually the most complete method possible of fulfilling self interest.

Life’s purpose and meaning

Meditation Thought: “And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth.” (2 Timothy 24,25)

Cling in love to your family. Love begets love. To receive love, love must be given – but love is given as a result of love being received. There is no end to love, no limit in any dimension. Test love; experiment with love; make love your aim, your delight, your concentration. Let no other considerations take first place in your life; life has no worthwhile purpose and meaning without love.

Love is: kind, forbearing, gentle. If love is your aim and your desire, it is the living plant that cracks the hardest stone of resistance. The tiny seed of fresh love grows and grows and suddenly its persistent pressure opens up the hardest resistance. Do not give up on love: it may be that only the tiniest fraction more of gentleness, forgiveness, kindness or forbearance will be the impact that changes totally the hard stone of resistance, for once the stone is opened, love’s pressure moves ever more rapidly to split open the fissure.

The stone is not cracked for ill; the stone is cracked so that it may be shaped to be more beautiful, to serve in a more meaningful manner. As stones are cut in the quarry to build beautiful, sheltering buildings, so love reshapes hearts of stone to be used as building blocks for the temple of the Spirit.

Where the Spirit dwells, love dwells. Where loved dwells, evil cannot dwell.

The process is ongoing: there can be no changing without the pressure of the love. The stony heart has no opening in which the spirits can dwell: it is one solid mass of ego.

Reshaping it to be re-arranged in a temple to contain the Spirit does not alter the texture – it only enhances its natural beauty, making it ever more desirable and appealing: for the spirit shines on the temple, making it glow and revealing its unique character.

The combination of the ego and the proper shape and the proper proportion to contain the Spirit who created the ego is the visible image of the one who created us, expressed in our own unique, precious personality. As each child is precious to us, yet different from our other children, so are we each precious but different as children of our heavenly Father.

As love is also Truth, so must it exert pressure even if it causes pain, so that the temple may be built. We cannot always – perhaps even often – understand the manner in which our Father uses his love for us as pressure to reshape us, any more than our children can understand that the expression of our love for them by denying their desires when we recognize the danger of fulfilling their desires.

The key lies in the total trust of the parent: the willingness to believe that because our parent has proven time and again love for us, the insistent pressure pressed against our resistance to the change – the cracking – is good for us: when we reach that point, we voluntarily stop resisting, and aid in the parent’s intent to reshape us, thus speeding us the maturing and beautifying of our soul.

God will not stop exerting pressure to make us more beautiful in his sight, and others’ site, and in our own site, any more than we withdraw pressure from our children when we know from our more vast experience, and in response to our responsibility for their welfare, that the pressure is needed to make a change for the better for everyone concerned.

Prayer of response: Father, the pressure hurts. But by an act of my will, I yield to the pressure – the necessity of it; I bear it willingly, and seek to crack where you wish me to crack – and only where you wish me to crack. I trust you. You created me in love, you created me in your image which is love, and I seek to reshape my ego, which has hardened in an ugly shape of self-interest and the desire to have my own way.

Teach me, O Lord, the way to be a temple of the appropriate size, shape and dimensions to hold your Spirit. In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen.




Redeemed, Guided, Rewarded

Meditation Thought: (Taken from the Introduction to book of 1 Peter in the Study Bible): “Christ has redeemed them. (Christians) (1:18,19) Christ upholds and guides them (1:8,21,25) and Christ will reward them (5:4). They can therefore go forward joyfully along their pilgrim way (2:11, 4:3,14), confident that in the end they will gain a full salvation and enter into the joy of their Lord.”

“You are redeemed – cleansed of guilt: Relax. You are pure, sparkling, refreshing – to yourself and to others through Christ’s purifying process in you.

You are upheld and guided – Do not fear. Your own strength – or lack of strength – does not count for anything. Christ within you is your strength – how much more strength could you need? You need not be confused: Guidance is given to you – whether you realize this in your feelings or not. Trust this in faith.

You will not receive punishment, but reward as the basic tone of your life. Why would so many cling to the Way if it was always miserable, causing only distress? Your perception of what is joyful to you may change as you grow spiritually, but you will have joy in rewards – whatever form these take – as a Christian. That is Christ’s Message: I am not a God/Father of punishment but of love and enlightenment. I desire to teach you what is True and how to deal with Truth in a way that will bring joy and fulfillment to us both. This is why Jesus came – the perception of my people was inaccurate. I needed a corrective influence to bring understanding, for I long for my beloved children  to be happy. There are certain requirements to bring happiness into a reality, and these requirements are both revealed and fulfilled by Christ when my children seek to know the way.

I know the confusion, fear and inadequacy of a child who is unenlightened, untrained, and dependent upon only the self. For this reason Christ has come in human form to be the Teacher, the Discipliner, the Strength – whenever the child yields to Him rather than clinging to old ways.

Through Christ one’s spirit is developed into more recognizable resemblance of My Spirit – how could this be anything but a reward which brings joy?”

Pleasure in Peace

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.” (John 14;27)

My peace I give unto you. Do not attempt to have peace by controlling circumstances. This is not possible. The way to peace in any circumstances is to welcome me into your life, to the point of allowing me to control you – not because I desire to thwart your will, bet because I desire to conform it to my perfect will – I can guide you to peace and all good things if your will is placed within my will. No more than you desire to decide everything for your children do I want to make every decision for you. As you desire your children to make their own decisions within the framework of your teaching – realizing that your knowledge and experience can be helpful – so do I desire you to live your own life – but within the framework of my teaching, for this will result in better experiences for you.

To have your focus upon me – to follow me – is to help you make wise decisions and to accomplish the exercise of discipline in doing what you know is right even when that action is not to your liking. Never doubt that to follow me will bring joy. You may not glimpse any possibility that disciplined, righteous action will result in the desires of your heart being realized – but it is only through following me in decisions and in behavior that you can find peace and all else that you long for.

Just as you are recognizing that having forced yourself to walk regularly has resulted in not only better health, but a pleasure in the walking, so you will find that disciplined, righteous action always brings health, vitality, and the pleasure of peace. You can discover this only in one way: to do it – whether you feel like it is immaterial – you determine to do it. First you determine to follow me, then you are able to do so even when difficulties are encountered.

You can build up your determination through knowing me through the Word, through prayer, through meditation, through imitating my attitudes and actions – believing that I tell Truth, live Truth, am Truth – therefore, you are filled with Truth, and Truth never misleads you. This is why you will become wise in thought, in word, and in deed as you follow my leading, as you know me as your Guide, and as your Strength.”

Prayer of Response: Lord Jesus, Friend Jesus, Brother Jesus – thank you. Thank you for giving all you had, and have, to give for my benefit. I do desire the gift of your sweet, effective Presence.


Entrusted Treasure

But I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am sure that he is able to guard until that Day what has been entrusted to me. (2 Timothy 1:12)

Seek to use in more imaginative ways the use of the treasure entrusted to your keeping.

You are too self-conscious, too immersed in past thoughts, words, actions.

I am giving you a new heart which is pumping more strongly, releasing more energy and vitality to bring you into a healthier container for my treasure – a more beautiful container, and a container more accessible to others.

Relax, it is true: I guard what has been entrusted to you.

Enjoy the indwelling Spirit, rejoice in the indwelling Spirit, allow the Spirit to work unhindered by being so filled with words of scripture that words of doubt and fear and ineptness cannot find room in your mind.

Be filled with the water of the Spirit so that all impurities are washed away as soon as they enter.

Be filled with healthy food so that your body is strong to do my miracles: the world may not perceive the acts of love as miracles – but you know they are miracles for the yielding of your will is so difficult that it is a miracle for it to be sacrificed.

Do not fear for the future, for I have promised to prepare the way for you; if I prepare the way for you, will I not prepare the way for those whom you love and whom I love?

Truly, truly, I say to you no harm shall come to my sheep who follow me. Follow me, and fear not for the other sheep – do not look at them, but at me.

I lead the obedient – and seek the lost, always securing the safety of those who have followed me to the safe pasture.

You cannot guard the treasure entrusted to you by yourself: together we rejoice in it, share it, and protect it.

The treasure you hold is all of the elements of the Kingdom, all of the qualities of the Kingdom.

Do not dilute the value of this treasure with cheap imitations not of God the Creator – do not allow the enemies and spites and sins of self and Satan to be mixed in with the heavenly treasure.

You guard against seeking our own will and seeking to add to or subtract from the treasure, and I will guard against thieves who would stealthily remove treasure from you, and against deceivers who would put in junk with the treasure.

Judge not, forgive if you feel wronged, minister, love, serve: in these ways do you enhance the treasure by keeping it in good order and shining by your efforts. This is all I require of you.

I do not require of you that you peek at other’s treasurers and seek to re-arrange them or change them; develop the concept of treating everyone as a beloved grandchild: precious, to be enjoyed and to delight – to have pleasure in helping develop but not having the responsibility of parenthood. That belongs to the Creator of life.

Realized Hope

“As for the rich in this world, charge them not to be haughty, not to set their hopes on uncertain riches but on God who richly furnishes us with everything to enjoy. They are to do good, to be rich in good deeds, liberal and generous, thus laying up for themselves a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life which is life indeed. (1 Timothy 6:17-19)

Hope on God! God is: loving, merciful, generous, kind, righteous, wise – and willing to let us go our own way if we refuse to see in Him our hope.

We can endure the now if we have hope for the future; God has promised us He will not fail us. He has required that we recognize that He is our hope before He can work fully to bring the hope of the future to reality of accomplished fact in this moment.

The problem of lack is not due to God’s reluctance, but to our reluctance to make Him our first hope – our only hope – and trust Him enough to guide us constantly – the labyrinth of life cannot be understood from the point where we are. We must look up to God, who perceives the overall perspective, and go wherever He points if we are to realize our hopes. We can bumble and stumble a whole lifetime if we merely look ahead and go by our own “instincts” or chance or trial and error.

The rich have even more need to seek god’s sure guidance because they are in a favored position to enable many others to perceive God also and receive His help.

Prayer of Response: Oh, Lord, I seek Your guidance and Your choice for me – the path which will bring me and, all others possible, closer to you. Oh, I know there are all manners of distractions I would like to pursue – but by my will, I yield to your will in holding me back from them, or removing me from them.

Oh Lord, I pray in Jesus name that you build in my spirit, my mind, my body and my emotions a love so large and so encompassing that all else is perceived through this love: I know in my heart that this is the meaning of “the Kingdom within”.

Enable me to set my hope only on You, so that with every fiber of my faith and my being I am as you envision me in Christ. Christ, total love, total obedience.

I reach not for fame or gold,

But love perceived and known.

May I abide within the home

Provided by my Lord:

Only goodness and kindness

Enter the portals He has carved.

No sin, no wrong, no selfish thoughts or word or deed

Can withstand the penetrating Ray.

Of Love proved for all time

that beams over all the world.

Wherever this ray is allowed to shine.

The heart is moved from stone

Into the softness of a dove.

And though the large stone was by the portals blocked,

The yielding softness of the dove

Slips through with greatest ease.

A Harvest of Joy

Meditation Thought: “Fear not, O Jacob, my servant, Israel, whom I have chosen! For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground. I will pour my Spirit upon your descendants, and my blessing on your offspring. (Isaiah 44:1, 3)

“Do not fear, you whom I have chosen! I will renew your strength; I will make the desert bloom, and bless you and your family forever more.

I am a loving Father, wise and perceptive. I know you better than you know yourself. I know how to teach you, encourage you, protect you, nourish you. You need not fear – even your own feelings. I will give you all you need to be my servant – no, my child who serves. The serving is not to enhance me, but you. It is in serving me that you come close to me, and being close to me is the way your spirit is nurtured. It is the way you obtain the attributes listed throughout the Word as those which are becoming to the children of the Living Lord.

Remember that seeds do not produce a harvest immediately. You must patiently wait, till, and observe constantly until the moment to harvest arrives, and you receive your reward with joy.

All of the times you read the Word, spend time in thinking of me, or praying, or meditating, or ministering to my creations, you are tilling seeds that are growing into harvests of joy.

Even when the ground is dry, you must do your part of prepare it properly – for I shall not allow the seeds to wither when you are attending them. The water of my Spirit shall refresh and spurt growth. Your efforts are never in vain when they are devoted to pleasing me by attending to my garden – my garden, yet you are the one who will enjoy the harvest, and it is your enjoyment of the harvest that gives me pleasure.”


Seeds will become Trees and Mountains will be Moved

“Then Jesus, crying with a loud voice, said, ‘Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.'” (Luke 23:46)

“Think about what happened after the excruciating pain of the moment Jesus said the above words. He trusted, even in the face of seeming disaster, His total being unto Me.  And I did not fail Him. I made His name above all names; I gave Him power above all powers; I arranged for Him to live forever – even in the flesh, through believers.

I do not call upon you to go through the same trials as did Jesus – but I do call upon you to trust me as He did, obey Me as He did – and to believe that the results of your doing so will unleash miracles as I did through His trust, His obedience, and His belief in miracles.

My power and my glory are to be in evidence in the world – and it is through believers that this is made possible in many places, at many times, in many circumstances.

Dare to try to think, to pray, to act, as if Jesus is using your mind, your heart, and your body to live again. It is so – when you behave as it is so, when you are committed to that goal.

You know enough of love, of goodness, of kindness, through family and friends, in addition to the Word and the Spirit, to use these qualities as the enhancement of your character. Discipline yourself – use your imagination to be the power of discipline. You can picture your optimum results based on the thoughts, words and deeds which you know are Jesus – prompted within your mind, your spirit and your body.

When you desire to do something other than the thing you know is right – pause then pray in Jesus Name, imagine the great results of being disciplined, and savor them.

Your seeds will become trees, your mountains will be moved – and as your faith is expressed, it will inspire others to seek Me, to seek My Will, to seek My Way.”


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