You Choose Your Inheritance

You are responsible as to your choice of parents – a seemingly impossible situation. It is possible because…

Meditation Thought: “This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as descendants.” (Romans 9:8)

“You have been given a measure of faith, you have been given the promise in the Word, you have been given free will. What are you doing with your gifts? Are you using them as they are intended? Are you enjoying them? Are they changing you and changing those whom you know and whom you meet?

Every particle of time, every particle of matter, every particle of spirit has its purpose and meaning. Sense this purpose and meaning with your spirit, your mind, your emotions, your will – the history of the world and of the Kingdom is shaped and revealed by this awareness in each soul. You are responsible as to your choice of parents – a seemingly impossible situation. It is possible because your free will may be exercised to choose to be a descendant of the promise (i.e. Jesus), or a descendant only of the world. You choose your inheritance rather than being born into it. Choose carefully among the choices of inheritances available; ‘looks’ can be deceiving. A casual glance determining your choice will bring you grief; a determined effort to explore the depth of every inheritance before choosing will reap eternal joy.

Do not be envious that while some play, you are working at detecting the nature of all the possible inheritances available: your joy will be in your discoveries, bit by bit, and your growing confidence in your final choice bringing eternal joy to you and by your example, to others also.

Take heart, keep on keeping on, by the strength of example put before you by those who have gone before you, living and dead, who reveal to you the depths of possible inheritances if you will ask them and trust them to do this for you.

I have set before you a task; I have set before you the tools, and I have set before you a reward. The choice is yours – to take up the tools and to work, or to sit idly by, wasting the energy and the talent given to you by love. But one thing should you remember: there will come a day by which you give account of your choice, and you may not even realize that the day has come until much of it is over. Think about that. Prepare to defend your choice from the moment you commit yourself one way or the other, that when the final accounting overtakes you, you are in confidence prepared to defend your choice.”

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