Strength in Construction

When it appears that destructive forces enter into your life, it is only an illusion.

Meditation Thought: “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

“When you must reach to build another up, it stretches your own muscles and builds you up at the same time. What may appear to be difficult for you, and a sacrifice for you, is actually the means of perfecting and purifying you and accomplishing My plan for you. With this knowledge held in your heart, you will be able to reach further, to work harder and give of yourself more than you even thought possible.

My will is always to build – not destroy – when it appears that destructive forces enter into your life, it is only an illusion – for all forces are at My command to build, to work good, to complete My plan. Your view of some of the forces is not the same as Mine and therefore you must trust that from My view they are building and not destroying. Their force to build is variable, however, according to your ability to cooperate with Me in the applying of the forces in the proper places at the proper time.

To work together to use the forces speedily and properly, you must become adept in My methods of work. These are not the methods used by the world. These are the methods revealed to you through My instructions, and only as you study these instruction and understand them and obey them can you become a competent builder. The more quickly you learn My methods, the more building you will accomplish. Do not dawdle and slowly read the instructions – grasp them quickly and firmly in your hand, and devour them with your eyes – then quickly get to work to use them to accomplish My will in your life and in other lives which you are helping to build. I want a whole city – a whole Kingdom – of beautiful edifices, not just an edifice to My glory here and there.

Picture yourself as creating a beautiful, sparkling area wherever you are working, whatever you are doing. That is exactly what I do, and precisely why when apparently destructive forces appear that they are needed: they are clearing out the decay which has accumulated so that the new beauty will be unmarred!”

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