Higher Education

Recall how much I love you…

Meditation Thought: “Make me to know your ways, O┬áLord; teach me your paths.” (Psalm 25:4)

The key to My teaching you is your willingness – your eagerness to learn. I am with you, constantly encouraging you to learn My ways and to know the paths which will be our delight to walk together.

You are aware of the places where you can best learn: in My Word, in yielding to the Holy Spirit within you. So long as you stay in these places, not straying to worldly places where thoughts, activities and attitudes block the learning of My ways and My paths, you will learn.

With each bit of information, each time there is revelation, and whenever there is inspiration, you will become more of a companion who is taking on My ways and is walking closely beside Me on My chosen path.

When you waver, not sure that you can – or even desire to – forego the satisfying of your ego’s clamor, recall how much I love you – how diligently I have tried to help you find a better way and a lighted path, the depths to which I go in order to save you from that willful ego which could destroy you if you allow it free reign.

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