The Secret of Joy and Revitalization

Emerge as one wise in the Word and joyous in the Spirit.

Meditation Thought: “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38)

Note: Marie perceived this message as being for her personally (see About This Blog) – however, there is such wisdom here – a road map even –  that I believe we can all apply the lessons. (The term handmaid refers to a close, personal servant.)

“According to My Word so shall it be to you. How you love My Word! That is because all you have experienced as you have tested it has proved it true. And so you know what is expected of you – you know what is needed to give you peace and joy. You know now what you want to learn, and so shall you learn if you continue in your “school of prayer”, in the deep intention of your heart, in your determination to delve more deeply into the joys of service and the revitalizing effect they have on you.

The Word shall start in your mind, but shall travel into every part of you: spirit, body, emotions – transforming, re-designing; a “new birth” – as if you shed the old ignorant, sin-ridden mind and attitude and body, and emerge “spanking-new” as one wise in the Word and joyous in the Spirit. Always will you need to learn and grow and change: but you will have a speeded-up visibility of results of obeying My Word and My Spirit. Keep your will firm to be my handmaid, for it is in this context that you will find fulfillment of all that pleases you.”

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