Look for Me

Meditation Thought: The grace of God has appeared for the salvation of all men… exhort and reprove with all authority. Let no one disregard you. (Titus 2:11,15)

“Think not that one is better than another. I have not declared my love depends on any quality at all. Do you likewise. Love impartially, aid impartially, understand impartially.

There are varieties in every area that all might find preferences fulfilled – but one variety is not superior to another variety.

If you love me, you will keep my commandments, and love your neighbor as yourself – if you love me with all your mind and heart, you will by my grace, and my abiding Spirit, love all varieties of life.

In love will I teach you the secrets of life: in love must you in turn teach these secrets, that the Kingdom’s dominion may be expanded into the world. Your authority to teach comes only from your obedience to me: I authorize you to express through your life the truths, principles and examples set down through the ages as witnesses to who I am and who you are in relation to me.

Where there is love – look for me.

Where there is truth – look for me.

Where there is righteousness – look for me.

Where there is peace – look for me.

Where there is joy – look for me.

Where there is strife – call upon my name.

Where there is fear, seek my spirit’s power within you.

Where there is sickness, call upon my healing power released by the cross.

Live and move only by my Spirit – and totally by My Spirit: what you learn in secret shall be revealed by works declaring my glory and power openly, that the world may be reconciled to me, and each to one another.

Evil has had its day;

Now you have learned to pray.

Naught shall harm a child of mine

Filled by Spirit: Host divine.

Stretch, move, run in joy

Seeking ever to employ

Your Teacher’s methods, tried and true.

Stemming from the holy view.

Puzzlement, doubt and gloom may meet your first approach:

My light shall penetrate their fog

and show the way to go.

All who seek to follow me

Are blessed with all they need to know.

I am the Way, the Truth, the Life,

Unending conquering all.

Align with me: the shadow of my Spirit,

Is your strength, your shield.

The guiding Power and shining Light

To which all evils yield.

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