Mirrors and Reflections

Meditation thought: “To the pure all things are pure, but to the corrupt and unbelieving nothing is pure; their very minds and consciences are corrupted.” (Titus 1:15)

All whom you see, all whom you hear, all that you perceive is but a reflection of your own image – you do not recognize this when you at first look ahead – but as you come closer and closer to the mirror of the Truth, you see more clearly what is reflected in that mirror.

Some reflections are distorted, ugly, repulsive: these are the images of your portions not yet conformed to the image of Christ: you may perceive them as others who cause you strife, as circumstances which are difficult for you, as moods which distress you.

Yes, they do exist as entities by themselves, there is substance behind them: they are pertaining to other souls who struggle to see their reflections in their own mirrors of Truth.

But they are at the same time a reflection of your life within.

Do you understand that by viewing all that is reflected in your own mirror of Truth, and seeking to improve the appearance of what you view, that while you change the reflection by your efforts, you automatically also change reflections in other mirrors of Truth viewed in places other than from where you stand?

The images on the many mirrors are reflected from one to another by the light of heaven: each soul’s image thus changes many images.

You can choose to project beauty or ugliness: and in your choice, you will draw reflections of similar nature, for like attracts like in the spiritual realm, and in the world.

If you would have peace in your soul, then project peace; if you would have love, project love; if you would have forgiveness, project forgiveness; if you would have health, project health. Do not attempt to hoard what is within you, for your portion is scant. If you project – give – what is within, then that attracts like portions which will return to you.

Life is not to be as a stagnant pool, but as a might river: powerful, changing, providing interesting movement. Even the light from heaven is more exciting as it is reflected in rapid movement.

Discipline your mind according to your spirit attuned with My Spirit, seek the “healing emotions”, give your body the elements it needs for excellent health, and give of your goods, your energy, your compassion and understateding – your love – that you may multiply the reflections of beauty in the large mirror of my universe which is composed of all of the tiny mirrors reflecting the inmost thoughts as well as the outward signs of my creations.

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