Isaiah 64:5

“Thou meetest him that joyfully works righteousness, those that remember thee in thy ways.” Isaiah 64:6

Mom’s prayer (included because I think it applies to most, if not all, of us and it does not violate Mom’s privacy): Father, I understand that you desire me to adopt your standards as my own, and are pleased when I resemble you in any way. Please help me to be the daughter you desire – for I know that person shall be pleasing to me, and I need her, I desire her – I long for her. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Note the ‘joyfully’ works righteousness. Surely I have revealed to you now – through Christ, through the Spirit, through circumstances, through your own longing – that I am a joyful Father – I created in a joyful mood, and I sustain the universe in joy. I try and try to reach my children to convey to you the good news that I am not a wrathful Father but a loving Father with a sense of humor and an appreciation for comic relief from the more serous parts of life.

Of course there are challenges to be met – and conquered – but there can be work and discipline without grimness. In fact, the happier the worker is, the better the work gets done. Use your imagination and the other faculties at your disposal to make each task a happy one for you to do, recognizing that all tasks are purposeful – not just for others, but for you – they develop you in some way, ideally anyway if you understand, into a person who will be pleasing to Me, and to you.

Stop concentrating on your petty concerns and concentrate on an over-all concept of expanding the kingdom on the earth, bit by bit, task by task.

See yourself as dynamic, effective and happy as a kingdom-builder, wherever you are led to build. I know the results of your labors, even if others or you do not perceive the results, particularly in the first stages of development.

Take care always to build, and not to destroy anything that is kingdom-material.

Test your perceptions against the Word, particularly Jesus’ words and His actions as recorded in the Word, praying in the Spirit as you do so. If you do not try even when you are afraid, or misunderstand, you cannot build.





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