Psalm 139

Oh  Lord, thou has searched me and known me!… thou discerneth my thoughts from afar – and art acquainted with my ways… Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! (Psalm 139: 1,3,23,24)

“Follow Jesus – over the ‘way everlasting’. Jesus came because I know you, know your thoughts, know your wicked ways. He is your salvation from wicked ways, wicked thoughts – He is the Light that reveals My Perfect Way – the ideal itinerary for your days. To simply move where it seems natural to go, but to be disciplined in thinking, saying and doing all in harmony with the Word and the Life revealed in the Word is to move in the way everlasting.

Along this way you will encounter all the things that you would encounter on any other path – obstacles, aids, puzzlements and revelations. But on this way you will have a companion to reveal the meaning behind what you encounter. The Companion explains, gives courage, gives power, gives love – gives of Himself, His very life for you. He sacrifices for you more than you sacrifice for your loved ones.

You are not to feel guilty about this – but to be grateful in a joyful manner – to feel cherished, protected, safe, as a child feels in a parent’s loving embrace, whatever the situation may be.

Do not move in fear, in apprehension that you may not do a perfect job – you cannot on your own, do a perfect job. It is My grace, power, love and righteous character released into your being through your faith in Jesus as Savior, Jesus as Lord, Jesus as the Way, that perfects your works.

Seek to do my will according to My Word and My Life living within you – and you will find the Way.

You know the key to doing my will and heeding my word, from what I have revealed this morning in its various forms: discipline – the mindset of being determined, of being focused, of being moving in the proper direction.

You, and others, will be amazed at the accomplishments of your days that were formed for you if you will do things “____ and in order” (can’t read that word). I will show you the way. You need only look for my instructions, rather than being distracted by your own thoughts and daydreams or other’s demands. I shall provide everything you need to do my will and my works – according to your belief.

If you believe in Me, if you trust Me, if you heed Me – you will be led in the way everlasting, and life will be sweet and good, whatever happens during the days that were formed for you. I formed you that I might love you, and that you might love me. I formed everyone to love, and to love me. I formed everyone to love one another. Only a rebellious heart can turn life away from the sweetness and goodness which I intended it to be.

Conquer your rebellious heart and help others to conquer their rebellious hearts. The effort, the discipline, and the courage needed to do this will be rewarded uncounted times over by our love for one another expressed in harmony, in peace, in order – in rightness of the way everlasting, for you and for Me, for all who can find it.

You have evidence, you have experience, you have faith, you have knowledge, you have wisdom – let no one rob you of your reward for having found these by distracting you from the continued pursuit of the everlasting way through them. The frothy pleasures of the world are to be tasted only in tiny sips – they do not constitute a nutritious constant diet which will sustain you in good health.

Reach a balance in your life by wise use of your days – focusing your energies upon the Light within, which will by my power, explode into energies which will transform the world into the kingdom.”

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