Isaiah 65:22-24

‘…my chosen shall long enjoy the works of their hands. They shall not labor in vain, or bear children for calamity, for they shall be the offspring of the blessed of the Lord, and their children with them. Before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear. (Isaiah 65:22-24)

“‘My chosen’ is a term which should indicate to you that you are special, cherished, loved, and destined to know the peace and joy of the life of a child of God. It is true that every person is born with this same intention – but each one needs to realize this, and to respond, to make it become reality.

You have reached the stage where you have some awareness of who you are as my child, and at times respond appropriately to that knowledge. Now we must work together to develop your character and your life into full comprehension of who you are as my child, and what you do as the consequence of this knowledge.

Jesus is the revelation of My Child perfected; follow Him, for through Him I teach the Truth, and reveal the source of power to transform human into divine. Through the indwelling Spirit are you transformed. When you understand the message Jesus has brought for you, and you act appropriately in response to it, you become a new creature in Christ: at once human and divine. Is this a person who should fear, or move timidly? No – Christ-infused people are confident knowing that my depth of love for them, and for all of my creation, and my power and ability to create good out of every situation will render helpless any evil which would block our mutual expression of love for one another or our desire to please one another.

If the terror of the cross could be transformed into the glory of reconciliation, and the reality of this confirmed time and time again, cannot every vile thing that man conceives in rebellion to my desire for him (for his own satisfaction, if he would but realize it) be transformed by me into a beautiful thing? Yes – whenever one understands me and obeys me as did Jesus.

You do exist, and you are in circumstances where you must choose, every moment, what you will make of your life. Helpless you may feel, frustrated you may feel, rebellion you may feel – nevertheless, you are forced to cope, one way or another, with each moment.

There is the narrow, difficult, but right and rewarding way. There is the easy, selfish – and ultimately self-destructing way.

The more you travel along the right way – My way designed for your peace, fulfillment and joy – the more you understand that the alternate way is only a delusion of being easy, of being gratifying – for on the higher way you can observe the whole scene – the end of the roads, and you are not deceived by appearances of the moment. You know where both roads lead, when you travel the lower road, using only self-perceptions, you can see only where you are – not where you are going to be. Who would deliberately set out on a path of self-destruction? Not anyone who is sane and whole. Yet there is much evidence to show that there is a way to self-destruction. DO NOT TAKE THAT WAY WHEN THE BETTER WAY HAS BEEN MADE CLEAR TO YOU. Have faith in what has happened in your spiritual life – that it is not a delusion, but the reality of Truth and it will set you free from evil and fear and despair.”


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