John 14:13

“Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  (John 14:13)

I have come to show you the Way to the Father – seek and you shall find! Have I not proved that the Father loves you – will move heaven and earth for you?

 When I cried “My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” – I was bearing the sin of the world at the moment (separation from the Father) that it would become more feasible for all to be saved (to be with the Father). Seek within: The Father is in you, as the Son and Spirit are in you – the Father carries you above danger, the Son points the Way, the Spirit clears the path. Fret not, but rejoice! You are aware, and is that not a miracle? You can see, hear, touch, taste, smell – are these not miracles? You can think – is this not a miracle? You can choose – you are fortunate to have many choices: choose to love, to appreciate, to enjoy whatever is, wherever you are: Look for the signs of the Father – in the miniscule, in the grand, in each moment.

You can, you know

Rise above the sordid,

The mundane, the weak.

Choose this moment

To serve God –

Then shrieks of agony

Change to laughter bubbling free.

Pain gives way to peace,

And chaos to harmony.

To create – to give birth –

To transform, to change, to give:

Not easy tasks, even difficult.

Why should you do them?

That you may grow, build, become strong,

And give to the world, to the kingdom,

That which you have created.


Are you pleased?

Is what you have given birth to





Have you given food for the hungry?

Comfort to the bereaved?

Understanding to the lonely?

What matter the form,

Or place, or to whom?

May what you give birth to

Be what has given birth to you:

Love, Grace, Harmony, Power,

Righteousness, Mercy, Kindness,

Understanding, Encouragement,



If you seek to be true to your inheritance,

To walk in the footsteps

Of your Father,

To hand down to all you create

The image of Him Who is in you –

Then ask in My Name,

That the Father may be glorified

Through your creation

By the power of Jesus’ Name –

In your inner life,

And in outward manifestations.

Create: Give birth.

Reflect the Son,

Who reflects the Father,

Who has the whole world in His hands.

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