Matt. 16:18,19

…”on this rock (faith in the God-given revelation that Jesus is Christ) I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”  (Matt. 16:18,19)

The strength of your belief will determine the extent of your willingness to spend effort and time in using the keys I give you to bind and to loose; My power is not only “sufficient for thee”; it is so extensive it is beyond the understanding of mankind. If you try the keys, you shall “do greater works” and you will have great influence upon the world.

You cannot enter into such power from outside of the kingdom: the atmosphere of heaven is known only through using the keys to unlock the gates that you may enter in. You may come and go at will between heaven and earth—between the spiritual realm and the material realm – if you have the keys. I offer them to every person – but not all realize the possibilities lying behind the doors. If they sought to know, they would rush to grasp the keys, no matter what obstacles might be between themselves and the keys. It is possible to unlock so many doors to the kingdom that you have open access from the world to the kingdom – much as sliding doors open a home to the outdoors. You can enjoy both realms at the same time, and can bring the beauty from heaven readily into the structure of earth.

In the kingdom all is love, harmony, beauty, righteousness. There is not one area on earth, whether animate, inanimate, of a theoretical or emotional nature which cannot be reconciled with these attributes by faith in this proposition and by seeking appropriate ways of applying it.

Let there be beauty in your eyes,

And love on your lips.

Hands are for helping

And possessions for sharing.

The trust in a little one’s heart

Is what I seek in you.


I love you:

Did I not create you for this?

I seek to show you the Way – what Way?

The Way to perpetual gladness,

Unending peace.

In your heart you know this truth.

Why, oh why, do you hesitate

To believe it?

Why imagine Me as harsh

When I am Love?

Why fear Me when you are a part of Me?

We are one – and distance or time

Cannot separate us, any more than

Distance or time separate your loved ones

From your heart and mind,

Your imagination and love.


Give up your plodding walk.

The “key” I give you

Is a ticket to take flight:

You can rise, soar, and fly with speed

Wherever you desire to go.

I go with you: I am you Pilot.

Together we choose our destination.

Together we realize

There is nothing dull,

Nothing unimportant,

Here – or there – or anywhere;

Not when we are looking from above –

Observing all:

Perceiving the whole,

Relating the parts,

Seeing the pattern –

Ever changing, yet ever lovely;

Not one part is excess, and none the same:

All beautiful, in My sight,

Bringing joy and glory to Me.

That “half the fun is getting there”.

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