Kingdom Tour

Allow Me to take you on a tour of My Kingdom, within and without, and all about.

Meditation Thought: “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20)

“Let me clasp you in My arms of gentle love, and take you where I will – for My love for you will bring you joy untold. Relax, and allow yourself to move with ease along the paths I take. My delight is to gently show you, teach you, enjoy you as you discover the Truth and allow that knowledge to change you into a more pure image of the Father – a closer image to Me: an image inspired by the Spirit as more fitting as His dwelling place.

Conceive the most beautiful, awe-inspiring pictures and thoughts of your mind, for through these can the Spirit work in every part of your being, using emotions and actions to do the Father’s will. You have asked – and I have come to abide with you as long as you desire Me – not as a guest, but as your beloved.”

“My beauty and My works know no bounds: Shown in the depths of the Grand Canyon, to the heights of Pikes’ Peak, across the ocean’s expanse – if these expressions of My works are visible in the world, cannot you trust that the far more beautiful and expansive Spiritual expressions of My works are as real?

Allow Me to take you on a tour of My Kingdom, within and without, and all about – only follow Me, follow Me: the price you pay shall bring you more value than you have ever received for any purchase. You pay by yielding your will to Mine, and you receive eternal joy and peace.”