Building the Framework with the Carpenter

Your limitations are not My limitations.

Meditation Thought: “Where is your faith?” (Luke 8:25)

Your help comes from the Lord, the Lord who created heaven and earth. Peace be with you. Fear not. Your limitations are not My limitations. Believe in Me in you. Trust Me in you. Call upon Me in you. Act as if you feel Me in you.

This is the building of the framework of your temple where we shall commune together, providing the inspiration for the re-creation of your days. The routine, the dull, the mundane – all changed by the light of new knowledge which gives you strength, creative thought, effective actions. I am using you to build the Kingdom on earth. This is not an easy task. Do not give up. Trust me. Do what is needed this moment: it is by this expression of your faith that you move mountains and rebuke the winds and waves. Then when you are asked “where is your faith?” shall you reply: “My faith is in my Lord who dwells within me and without me, in all that is. His love enfolds me and His power protects me and no longer am I afraid for He never fails me nor forsakes me.”

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