Unexpected Transformation

…our loving Father… will never shortchange us! 

Meditation Thought: “Honor the Lord with the thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase.” (Proverbs 3:9)

“Honor” – a way of giving respect, of indicating how special someone is to us. It’s easy to say words – they don’t call for sacrifice – but when we give of our substance, we are denying ourselves in order to bless someone else. This takes more thought; do we sacrifice our pleasure for the pleasure of someone else?

When we “sacrifice” we find that our “sacrifice” is transformed into a “blessing” – it may take a number of forms, but nevertheless, there is an exchange. We give a gift, only to learn that the transaction was actually an interchanging of gifts, and when we are having transactions with our loving Father, He will never shortchange us!


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