Reflect or Absorb: an Important Distinction

The Light needs you as a reflecting point, and you need the light in order to reflect.

Meditation Thought: ” ‘…I have built …by my mighty power …for the glory¬†of my majesty’ …Even as the words were on the King’s lips, a voice came from heaven, ‘This is what is decreed for you, King Nebuchadnezzar: Your royal authority has been taken from you …until you acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes.'” (Daniel 4:32-32)

There is no firm foundation save the foundation of God who is Love: Creative Love. Trust nothing but God – but God is everywhere. Therefore when you are seeking God that you may find Him whom you can trust, you have but a short search. Your search is only the distance from your mind to your faith: from the desire to act upon God’s will, to the trust that you are acting upon God’s will, to the knowledge that you are acting upon God’s will.

Cannot He who created all re-create all? He who sought to create in love – and respect for individuality – remains lovingly re-creative in response to that individuality seeking to become a lovelier expression of Himself.

It is for this reason that neither Nebuchadnezzar, nor you could seek to create glory for yourselves: you cannot create light but you can reflect light, via your choice of expression of yourself as a reflector of light. You can reflect much light or reflect very little light.

The more of anything you attempt to absorb for yourself, the less of that remains on your surface to be reflected to be of aid to those who look to you – you were created to reflect the light of your Father, not to be a generator of light. If you, by your very ignorance, attempt to distort yourself so as to generate instead of reflect, you lose your ability to be what you ought to be in the process of attempting to be what you will never be able to become.

Imitate your Father by observing Him. You see Him everywhere: in all that is love, peace, harmony, forgiveness, beauty, righteousness, sacrificing, joyful. If you turn your eye toward the Light, then you shall be able to allow the Light to shine forth as reflected from your eyes: those who look at you see the Light and the reflected light reveals to them the path which they had not found without the additional light.

This is why you cannot simply absorb the Light. You must be a good reflector of the Light in order to by fully appreciative of it. The Light needs you as a reflecting point, and you need the light in order to reflect.

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