Rejoice in the security of My hand enclosing yours; let me lead you gently.

Meditation Thought: “For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:15)

“Come, My children – take My hand in yours, and with your other hand reach out to clasp another: I will pass on the warmth of My love and grace and power through you. Be not afraid of the hand you hold – even if it feels cold, clammy, dirty, rough: your other hand which clasps mine will be all the comfort you need. And as the ministering of My ways passes from Me to you to another, their hand is cleansed, relaxed, healed, made strong and sure – sure enough one day to let go of your hand and reach directly for My hand, which became visible to them through your hand which they could see with their eyes before they could see My hand in faith. And so the pattern repeats: My Word is spread, My grace is spread, My Kingdom is spread throughout the earth.

Do not go seeking far and wide for hands to hold: only hold My hand, look to Me, and you will realize that a hand has taken hold of your other hand. Do not strain to serve Me: only rejoice in the security of My hand enclosing yours; let me lead you gently but firmly. The more you trust Me, the more relaxed you can be in our walk together – turn over the cares of your life to Me, for I wish to dissolve them, sometimes they will disappear one by one, sometimes they are so entwined that the release of one will release many. But always the care comes as a potential for My blessing, if you will but trust My leading in it and through it and out of it. Learn how to reinforce your trust in Me, and you will learn how to cast your burdens away, quickly becoming stronger in faith and trust and releasing more of yourself to Christ within you with each cast.”

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