No Division – Only Multiplication

Will you hand it to Me that I may warm it in My Spirit and expand it into fulness?

Meditation Thought: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:31 & Romans 13:9)

You shall minister to your neighbor as yourself. In every thought, every word, every deed, it matters not who is the recipient; the action is to be as unto Me. When you care for your body, you care for Me;
When you enrich your mind, you enrich My glory;
When you say words of encouragement to your enemy, you praise My Name; When you sacrifice your desires to minister to others, you sing the songs of angels exulting in the fellowship of My Presence.

Do you understand now? There is nothing separate on earth or in heaven. Your choice must be for good, for your God’s will, if you desire good for yourself. For the measure you give is the measure you receive; your cast-out bread will return.

As you pour yourself out in all the means available to you, when you pour yourself through My Spirit rather than pouring directly into the world, My Spirit enriches your expressions and makes them blessings multiplied on earth and in heaven. It’s like a kernel of corn puffs up in the heat – and the volume expands and overflows to the point that what you poured out is then gently returned to you in a new, more desirable form.

Until this concept is learned, the sin of selfishness and pride of possession keeps the kernels of corn your only possession. Do you dare to trust Me with every kernel in your life? Will you hand Me each one that I may warm it in My Spirit and expand it into fulness and bless your neighbors and yourself?

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