Devine Power / Purpose

“Live” – not “exist” – what is the difference?

Meditation Thought: “Live one day at a time.” (Matthew 6:34 TLB)

“Live” – not “exist” – what is the difference? To live is to appreciate, to delight in, to be excited about, to have joy in. The only possible way to live each day is to live in Christ, who enables us to sharpen our appreciation, to have joy in every circumstance. He brings excitement, for we know that even when we don’t see anything interesting happening, Jesus is working out something which we will understand later. We can go about happily doing our assignment of the moment.

When we take care to think completely what we are doing now, we are thinking according to God’s principles which are instilled in us, according to God’s will as He has and is revealing it to us – and when Divine Power is in our act of the moment, it has great effect – maybe not noticeable to us, then or later, but nevertheless, God’s purpose is being fulfilled, and there is no greater work than that!

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