Increases and Decreases

Thus can I prepare the way not only properly, but with enthusiasm, energy, commitment and a sense of rightness.

Meditation Thought: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30)

Thoughts: Just as John the Baptist knew that he was to prepare the way for Jesus, so do I. And as John came under the influence of Jesus, he became aware that he must shift the people’s emphasis from himself to Jesus, and so must I.

So many people recorded in the New Testament leave records of success – success in sacrificing self, in sacrificing comforts, in sacrificing the easier ordinary run-of-the mill existence in order to go where they were needed to be a witness to God-come-upon-earth.

I get weary and discouraged at times as I attempt to seek to know more intimately this God-come-upon-the-earth-within-me, and to help others to know He does live and does live to reconcile us to the Father. At times, when the circumstances reveal an exciting work being done, or accomplished, I can rejoice, and all the doubts, fears and frustrations are as nothing… but, so much of the time, I have difficulty keeping up with what I perceive as my earthly duties as I attempt to perform my primary function (as I see it) of preparing the way for Jesus, and of focusing emphasis upon Him.

It’s the old adage, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” What I seek to embrace is to have me willing, and the Spirit strong. Thus can I prepare the way not only properly, but with enthusiasm, energy, commitment and a sense of rightness. And thus can I focus everyone upon Jesus, upon the Holy Spirit He has sent – as I seek to reveal these personalities, and the personality of the Father to others, I become more intimately acquainted with them myself – just as did John with Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, I desire to use the talents You gave me to do Your will and Your works in the world. Enable me to perceive in each circumstance what You want me to know, and what You want me to do.

Help me to achieve a balance of spiritual and physical emphases in my life, that You are pleased, I am content, and the world is grateful.

Remove whatever causes my confusion and discouragement.

Help me to not dwell on what I perceive as negative results – but to turn these situations over to You that You may use Your knowledge and power to accomplish all You desire to do in every situation.

I want to do what You need me to do, as Your eyes, ears, mind, hands, feet and energy in the physical world – but I do not desire to take Your place, shutting You out. Please, Lord, teach me how to know Your will and to do it – to Your glory, my fulfillment, and the joy of the world,

In Jesus Precious Name I Pray. Amen.

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