Open the Package

Do not look for evidence of truth in the world, for you will be deceived by half-truths and camouflaged truths.

Meditation Thought: ““Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)

“The kingdom of heaven is ‘at hand’. This moment. Now! The kingdom is at hand now because ‘now’ is when you are made aware of the spiritual kingdom as a reality. Repent, and choose the kingdom now. If you push it aside, instead of entering in, you choose Satan – evil, rebellion to your Creator and My will – you choose the losing side.

Do not look for evidence of truth in the world, for you will be deceived by half-truths and camouflaged truths. You will think you hold treasure in your hands because it is so attractively wrapped – but the time will come when the wrappings will be removed, and the contents revealed.

The truths of the world are then revealed as snares, traps which you have chosen yourself as your gifts of life. You will be ensnared as you open your packages – caught in the despair of knowing you denied yourself the joys of fellowship with the One who created you in love and hope, and denied yourself the joy of eternal life with Him.

Look closely at the ‘packages’ of the moment – the choices. The Word describes the packages – both the wrappings and the true contents of the packages.

  • The wrapping appears:
  • Humbling
  • As a denial of pleasures others seek
  • As a restriction of your own will
  • As actions making you appear foolish

  • But the content is:
  • Joy in Service
  • The peace of righteousness
  • The exhilaration of God’s will
  • Transformed lives

And so, at each point of your life, you choose from the packages available to you. If you are ignorant of the fact that the wrappings are key-coded to the contents, you are likely to choose grief for yourself. But, if you heed the call of My Creative Spirit to your own spirit, then you can hear the instructions of how to ‘break the code’ and choose the fullness of life which is placed before you – the fullness which I long for you to choose, but which I will not force you to choose.”

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