Perfection as a Pursuit

My desire for you to do My will is not due to My authority, but due to My great love for you.

Meditation Thought: “…the Lord disciplines the one he loves… he disciplines us for our good.” (Hebrews 12:6, 10)

“You are not perfect – not a perfect expression of my character. Therefore, I must help you in the necessary changes to move you more closely to perfection, since you desire this as your highest priority. Sometimes the necessary discipline – much of which is merely the effect from what you have caused – is unpleasant. Bear it in good grace for it will soon pass as you understand and move ahead in a more perfect obedience.

My desire for you to do My will is not due to My authority, but due to My great love for you. I have vast resources of wisdom, knowledge and power which I desire you to benefit from, but you must do your part to release them in your life – you must use your mind to learn the Word, your faith to believe the promises, your spirit to comprehend the Word and the promises, and your emotions to draw the surge of power. To do all of these you need discipline to forgo other pursuits that you may have time and energy for these.

Light your way with love.
Walk your way in peace.
Enhance your way with kindness.

Thus did Christ go His Way.
There is a secret to it:
Perceiving the will of the Father – and doing it.
This is ‘discipline’.
It is not a matter of punishment,
But a matter of practicality.
Allow this thought to penetrate,
To change your attitude.

Be glad to know,
And willing to do.
Your joy and fulfillment
Come not in leisure,
But in movement:
Dynamic, exciting ever-unfolding revelations
Brought forth through discipline –
The commitment of self
To that which is True and Good
Never wavering,
But steadied by Christ
Living in your heart,
Demonstrating and nurturing.
Discipline’ becomes a friend,
the helper, the accomplisher.
It is precisely the Way
Christ brought salvation.
It is the Way
To the Kingdom.
There is no other Way for you
to find contentment.
Whether you wish it so,
Or wish it not,
This is the Truth.
To know the Truth
Is to be free.”

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