Powerful Generator

I shall, in exchange for your gift of your self-will, give you the unfathomable power of My will as the motivating force in your life.

Meditation Thought: “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive it, if you have faith.” (Matthew 21:22)

“Your faith is the power generator. It is My energy flowing to you that is to be your motivation and ability to move. But in order to actually “generate” power to bring change, you must be a freely-moving generator, not wedged motionless by ignorance of My energy which seeks to move you, or by concentration of your own concerns to the exclusion of thoughts of others.

It is your faith in Me as loving, good, powerful, righteous, a promoter of order and harmony, that enables you to be flexible and able to be turned easily by My energy. As you turn, then My Spiritual energy is converted to physical energy through you, and it is this physical energy which is directed to wherever it is needed to be an answer to prayer.

I need you – as I needed Jesus – to do visible work. You need me – as Jesus needed me – to do visible works. If you want to go along in the ordinary, non-miracle producing life, that is your privilege and your choice. Stay stuck in your own concerns, your own desires, your own little world.

But if you want to be vibrant, if you want to direct energy to change the world into the character of the Kingdom – then concentrate on Me: My character, My modus operandi, and direct your faith to perceive My will and to accept it gladly, knowing that it will spin you at a dizzying rate of speed to generate good: “good” being defined as all that is a reflection of Me in character and in behavior. Let this thought capture your imagination and your emotions, for it is by these that your faith can be enlarged and enhanced. The larger your faith, and the more it resembles Jesus’ demonstrated faith, the more effectively it will prepare you to be “loose”, thus responding immediately and powerfully to the touch of My energy upon you.

You can change the world – by being My spinning generator directing energy to transform darkness to light, to do great works impossible without this energy. One thing only is needed: your faith and commitment to follow through when your faith draws My energy to you. Trust Me. Believe in My Word as Truth. Stake your life upon this trust and belief. In this way, the very “losing of your life” (by giving it to Me to direct rather than you directing it) shall be the gaining of life for you: I shall, in exchange for your gift of your self-will, give you the unfathomable power of My will as the motivating force in your life.

If My force is turning you freely, at My chosen speed, will not the power thus generated be of the proper voltage to perform the works that I choose for you to do? This is My “Modus Operandi” in every one who is my obedient, devoted child. How many ways must I propose My wisdom and love until it is accepted by My children?

Do not any more delay in believing My messages and acting upon them.

The world needs you to beat swords into pruning hooks. The world needs you to light the darkness of blindness to the Kingdom.

Allow me to turn you freely: you may spin only slowly now, but you shall, as time goes on, work up to our full speed needed for maximum generating power – if you believe and commit yourself to that belief.”

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