Power and Pressure Points

Meditation Thought: “The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.” James 5:16

The prayer of a righteous man can be compared to a well-oiled machine, running in perfect condition, producing maximum capacity.

There are all kinds of possibilities of performance – but the very best results are obtained when the righteousness of God is being manifested as righteousness on His child… in His children.

The Father’s children go many places, contacting many people. If we exhibit the traits of the Father, if we are doing the tasks the Father has assigned to us, then we are spreading the influence and actions of the father, and changing all whom we meet to become aware of the existence of our Father. We honor Him as we do this. He blesses us as we do this. Others are blessed as we do this. We have cooperated with great Power, and participated in directing great Power. We are needed by this great Power: this fact gives us confidence that we are valuable – at the same time, it humbles us to compare what we are to what this Power is.

We need to be strong in our belief  – both in the goodness of our Power and in the value of our worth – but we need to be weak enough that we can be bent into any shape needed to do the job at hand. We may feel much stress at times when we must be conformed to certain shapes – but always our Power source places pressure at the proper points to do the job but gently enough not to break us at the pressure points.

Prayer of response: Lord, by an act of my will, I choose to be your tool. Use me where you will; shape me how you will. Enable me to trust you always – for all of life’s experiences confirm a pattern – changing, always changing – yet with an ultimate purpose. I know that you desire to accomplish certain tasks through me: Lord, I desire to do these according to your desire. Teach me Thy ways, that I may not have run or labored in vain. In Jesus Precious Name I pray. Amen.


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