Faith and Works

For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead.” James 2:26

The works of the body indicate the quality of the spirit. The works of the body also indicate the quality of faith. Faith enhances the spirit, and an enhanced spirit enhances the body. An enhanced body, in turn, enhances the faith and the spirit.

The progression of the soul, therefore, in reaching fulfillment in the awareness of oneness with God – a wholeness in self within God and the universe – is not linear, but spiral. As the movement of a finger affects other parts of the body – and the spirit, so the thought in the mind causes effect in the body and the spirit – even if one is not aware of this.

The key to a life of Christ is to have the Christ spirit free to be expressed in every area of one’s life – in spirit, body and faith.

The expression can start in any one of these – whatever is relevant at the moment, depending upon one’s circumstances and one’s will.

The mistake often made is one of hesitation and confusion as to where to start in the search for Truth, and when to start. But the time and place are always here and now: in other words, “the sooner the better”.

Whether faith is all that can be perceived, or works are all that can be perceived, or awareness of one’s self (spirit) is all that can be perceived at a given moment, matters not – any of these is God-created, and God-sustained, and is capable of being God-guided and God-enhanced. These works of God are done when the will of His child is pointed to His will – as a compass points, so can the will be pointed.

To learn to point the will toward God, and God’s will, we must:

  1. Hear the Word,
  2. Understand the Word – through
    1. Prayer,
    2. the Spirit within,
    3. a Christ attitude, and

3. Do the word through Christlike actions and behavior and works.

When our will is encased in God’s will, we are in harmony with Whole and Holy Truth.

Our perception of ourselves and everything in any way connected with us is thus changed – transformed, enhanced, beautified – all to God’s glory, to our joy, and to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Prayer of Response: Oh Lord – you who are hidden beneath mystery, that You may not invade my free will, thus enabling me to choose to discover You myself, and find life as I longed to have it be, I thank you that you force me to search. I am therefore interested, and excited, and when I do find confirmation of a thought or a theory concerning the significance of life and the reality of it, I feel I have found great treasure.

Enable me to be enthusiastic in continual searching for more treasure. I’m greedy, Lord, I want to find all that you have hidden – not that you don’t intend it for me, but you formed me in such a way that I need to have the choice and the challenge of a treasure hunt instead of a handout. It develops me as your mature child, as well as satisfying you as a parent.

I can’t say that every incident is pleasant – but I promise I will try to recognize that you are with me to help me over all the difficult terrain, and that you fully desire that I find every bit of hidden treasure.

I know I’m yours – even if I’m not quite sure exactly who you are yet. And I’m glad I’m yours – every bit that I learn of You gives me confidence in your ability to be the Perfect Parent. Thank you.

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