Jeremiah 29:13-14

(This blog contains reference to a personal situation that was going on at the time and, thus, a bit of it may seem out of context to the reader. But, I found the spiritual truths to be so relevant that I believe God can use this post to help others even if the context may not be entirely clear….Karen)

Meditation Thought:

You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you. Jeremiah 29:13-14

“You are perceiving stepping stones as road blocks – you are looking at the stones from the wrong perspective – you have not moved from the low place to the high place, where you can move on top of circumstances.

You are seeking guidance – and I shall take you to the high place if you will heed My Word, heed My Spirit within you, and use your mind to think through whatever comes into your life.

The key sentence which you realized was intended for your edification in the clipping you read is “and then act as if God has responded.

You need not be confused about praying in faith possibly conflicting with My Will. When your heart desires first that my will be done, it shall be done – even if you do not pray precisely the way I desire. Yet, if you are to pray at all, you must choose a way in which to pray. You have received no guidance indicating that your logical thinking on this matter is in error. Only the fact that the house has not yet sold has you doubting. I have done works for you as you have waited, as I have done works in others. You shall abide in Me wherever we abide physically. There are a number of places where we can do what we need to do, both for your development and your ministry. Simply relax now, praying that my desires shall be your desires, and know that in the prayer itself is the power to bring about the reconciliation. You do not know where it is best for you to be – at your current address or elsewhere – in the future. But I know – and I will guide you to be content in the physical place where you reside, because your spirit will reside with my Spirit there.”

Her response (edited for privacy but included for encouragement): “Lord, thank you for this lovely home. Thank you for my future home or homes. Thank you that you know me better than I know myself, and are the architect and decorator ‘Par excellence’  for me, whatever the situation. Help me to perceive the delights of the kingdom in my physical home, that I may bring these to the attention of my family and my friends. …Lord I would have every part of my physical residence, and physical items everywhere bring glory to You, and enhance our relationship. In Jesus Precious Name I pray this becomes a reality. Amen.”

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