Remodel Without a HELOC

We must pry open the door of our free will to allow Him to enter.

Meditation Thought: “for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.” (1 Corinthians 8:6)

Just as we are born of our parents and receive all things from them, so we are born of God and of Jesus and receive all things through them. We exist for them to love – and so that we might love them. Love is the key to life: without love there may be existence but not fullness.

But how do we know love? We know love by allowing God into our heart: He seeks, by His love and grace to enter us, and we must pry open the door of our free will to allow Him to enter. What glorious change in our heart when His loving Presence moves into it, bringing light and warmth, wisdom and understanding, knowledge and forgiveness. What a transformation remodeling and redecorating takes place! We are so changed that nothing appears as before, but is enhanced, enriched and increased in value according to the Kingdom’s value system – beyond recognition as the old self-will and worldly sin heart.

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