Surrounding Mist

Think of a mist of prayer enclosing all of the areas of your life.

Meditation Thought: “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” (Colossians 4:2)

Change your thought of the word “prayer” from being a verb “to pray” to being a noun: being “in a state of prayer” – a continuous state of prayer. The atmosphere of prayer varies, according to the workings in your life, but you must assure by your awareness and your attitude that you stay within the confines of the prayer world: the prayer world is large enough to encompass all the places in heaven and on earth where you should be. If you wander outside of its confines, you lose your sense of direction, your protection, and your purpose.

Think of a mist of prayer enclosing all of the areas of your life – as a gentle rain renews the parched earth, the mist of prayer keeps your life renewed, refreshed, conscious of the Power and Love that have entered your life through your belief in the Power and Love.

The scriptures in your mind are much of the reality of the mist of prayer: worship of any form, a grateful heart, a joy in seeing the works of the Kingdom being executed on earth – all these are a atoms of the composition of the prayer mist. The more densely these atoms are concentrated in your life-atmosphere, the more concentration you have of the Kingdom on earth. Just as your home protects you when you are inside it from the storm without, so the atmosphere of prayer surrounding you protects you from evil from without. You must be enclosed in the house before it provides you any shelter – you must place yourself in the paryer atmosphere before it provides you shelter. Enter into your shelter of prayer, and keep it closed about you: You know how to do this by the instructions given to you through My Word and My ways: the choice is yours to use the knowledge or let it lie idle.

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