Constantly Renewed

You are operating on D.C. (Direct Current from Me).

Meditation Thought: “…for there is no other god who is able to deliver in this way.” (Daniel 3:29)

“Trust, believe, act in the God who is able to deliver you in the midst of the fiery furnace of the Evil One who would destroy you for your refusal to yield to his pressures and threats. You are committed – but how much more is your God committed. Reach out in faith, and the harvest will astound you. Be brave, seek according to the Word – ignoring the advice and jeers of the world.

You are operating on D.C. (Direct Current from Me) – the world operates on A.C. (Alternating Current – sometimes power from Me and sometimes power from Satan). Keep your “distribution station” in proper order so that it will carry My power fully into the people to whom I would have you minister. “Fine tune” every part according to My Operations Manual. Replace weak parts with new conviction of the Truth through the strength of the revelation of the Word renewed constantly; reviewed constantly. The Word expanded in your mind is the Spirit expanded in your heart. The Spirit expanded in your heart is your God delivering as no other god is able.”

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