Unfathomable Power

For a mind to be the mind of Christ, it must cease being the mind of the person.

Meditation Thought: “And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.” (Luke 8:48)

” ‘Your faith has made you well.’ There is unfathomable power in faith – but, as all else in life, for the power to be released, certain action must take place. In faith – released power, the action takes place mostly in the mind at the prompting of the longings of the heart. Often the body will be involved also, but it is the mind which is essential. The mind determines the emotions and the physical actions. This is why ‘have this mind [the mind of Christ] in you’ is the key to undreamed of power. This mind of Christ is the mind of God: it is the understanding of My will, it is the comprehension of My methods, and it is the conforming of the mind to My thought processes.

For a mind to be the mind of Christ, it must cease being the mind of the person. The mind of the person is limited by ideas implemented by humans (and thus much error occurs). It is limited by perceptions based on the physical senses. Although creative, the ability is limited in comparison to the creativity of the kind that formed the universe and sustained it. And that is the kind of creativity that takes place in one who has the mind of Christ. That is the kind of power that causes a terrible death to bring forth a glorious resurrection. It is the kind of power that brings instant healing.

The woman who touched Christ’s garment and was healed had perceived that Christ had the power to heal her – and she had the courage to touch that power to release it through her faith.

It is one thing to believe that there is power, and quite another to actually release the power. Jesus became an expert power-releaser. The record of how He did it is available; He spent His life in trying to teach others how to do it. He desires all who believe in Him as Savior to learn it. I sent Him for that purpose – to teach My beloved how to release the power of the Spirit, for it is the Spirit that is the most important inheritance that My children receive from Me. It is the Spirit that shapes character to reflect My character; it is the Spirit that enables the children to act as their Father; it is the Spirit that responds when faith is present.

Your faith shall make you well, and you shall go in peace, if you believe, and act upon that belief!

The power is real only for those who believe it exists – and seek to release it.”

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