Study, Research, Seek

What is accepted into you also flows out of you.

Meditation Thought: “everything that is written of the Son of man by the prophets will be accomplished.” (Luke 18:31)

“He who is closest to what he observes sees most clearly. Believe observations of those who have beheld My Presence within their hearts and minds, and have responded in obedience of love, and a desire to serve Me and My people.

Through study of righteous and self-sacrificing seekers of Truth through all time, you can learn what you need to know to enable you to do your own research in discerning Truth – and the whole pure Truth.

Use all the faculties with which I have blessed you to seek to understand the Truth in order that you may do My will and My works more effectively, and take pleasure in your involvement with them.

Fear not, for all wisdom and strength is yours for the asking: ask according to the Truth and you shall receive by the Truth, and not be the deceiver who imitates Truth.

Be knowledgeable that you may discern any counterfeit before you accept it in to your ownership. Accept only genuine spirits of Heaven, genuine thoughts of righteousness and purpose, genuine acts of unselfish love. For what is accepted into you also flows out of you.

Let the love of Myself and My obedient people rush into your spirit, your mind and your heart that it may be poured out in a healing stream.”

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