Explosive Enthusiasm

You are the critical “missing” or “present” ingredient…

Meditation Thought: “ “Do not fear; only believe, and she will be well.”  (Luke 8:50)

“Your ability to act is directly dependent upon your diligent search for Truth and the embracing of it despite any who would pry you from it.

Allow the free-flowing movement of the Divine Spirit – in all forms – in your life: in all areas of your life. The power released is greater than the sum of the parts, for the spiritual interaction of Father, Son, Holy Spirit and your own spirit is similar to a chemical reaction of ingredients inert in themselves, but when mixed together, causing an explosion, not only affecting the ingredients, but the surrounding territory.

You are the critical “missing” or “present” ingredient which will determine a particular area in the universe as to the character in the physical realm and in the corresponding spiritual realm. Think, act, pray accordingly!

Bear your responsibility soberly, but carry out your duties of it in joy and satisfaction. This is possible and preferable: the force of the Divine explosion change is determined to great extent by your attitude toward your duties. Your enthusiastic, eager movements will boost the force of the movement, and will also be a witness to those who observe the movement of your life.”

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