Power and Vitality

We must look to Him for His power to be available to us.

Meditation Thought: “And what is the immeasurable greatness of his power in us who believe.” (Ephesians 1:19)

His power – our belief – one is connected with the other. We must look to Him for His power to be available to us. We can be spending much energy, working so hard, hoeing in our garden – and all along, the power rototiller was right beside us, waiting to make our work light and easy – but we didn’t look for it, so we couldn’t use it.

God touches us lightly, so as not to violate our free will – but He does try to make us aware that His power is waiting, unlike an inanimate rototiller. We however, must not be so engrossed – perhaps in resentment at our task – that we cannot be aware of His touch. If we miss it, we miss out on a totally new, totally improved way of living our life, of doing our tasks. When we see that power, when we trust that it will work for us enough to make the effort to take hold of it and try it, then our belief and our acting on it is justified, and proved, by a new way of life – most visible to us, but visible to others also. They may want to find this more effective way of cultivating their garden of life, too and we can bring new lives and new vitality into the Body of Christ.

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