Thank you all for the tremendous response to my last post. You may want to check out the About This Blog page – I updated it today based on how I perceive this blog will begin to morph.

I’ve been reading from the journal I had been posting from (1981), and also from the one that covers the time-frame of her diagnosis, and praying about which to post from next. Then, today I read the entry below from 1981 as saw it as so prophetic of what was to come, that I thought I should post it from that perspective. (If you have not read the most recent post: “Let Us Proceed Together”, you may want to read it first.) May they both bless you.

Meditation Thought: “…the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.” (James 1:3)

You must fill your spirit and your mind with the ballast of the Word and the Spirit, so that you may weather out the storms of life. The more ballast you have, the steadier you will be, and the more able to stay on your chosen course.

When storms come, and your ballast proves adequate, you gain confidence to sail on to further parts – to new destinations, new horizons.

There is much you can do as you go from one place to another, carrying your cargo of loving ministry, of practical aid, of the fruits of the Spirit, and the truth of the Word.

Do not fear wide expanses of ocean, nor storms, nor darkness of night: your God shall provide all that is needed for your safe journey: the compass of the Word, the protection of the Spirit, the light of the One who shows the Way.

Do not attempt to set your course by your own eyes, for you will be deceived. You need to be guided by the stars, not temporary things floating along the ocean of life. They are not true reference points.

As you set your course by the stars, and move rapidly by the guidance of the heavens, you shall make good progress in fair weather, enabling you to patiently wait out the storms, knowing that they shall pass – and, many times, the storm will blow you ever more quickly to your chosen destination, if you but seek to cooperate with its power and not to pit yourself against its direction.

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