Greater ideas, works, joys

Meditation Thought: … he disciplines us for our good that we may share in holiness” (Hebrews 12:10)

Discipline is the food that nourishes righteousness: righteousness is the heart of our spiritual “body”. Without righteousness, we are not behaving as children of God.

We must come to desire so strongly to be like our Father, as we come into maturity and recognize the Person who he is – the marvelous traits He possesses and hands down to His children through inheritance of His spirit that we welcome times of discipline as much as times of our Father’s indulgences toward us.

To come into the wonderful state of total trust of our lives to Him, to the peace that is a result of that trust, we muse choose to leave our “safe” shell of introspection and boldly step out to the challenges of the world without. It is through the experiences of seeking our way through the difficulties that we come to seek out the wisdom, the knowledge, the aid of our Father – and in the process of seeking what we need, we come to find the more glorious gift of His presence and companionship, His delight in our relationship becoming meaningful to us – becoming vital to us.

As we come to recognize and believe that this marvelous Person truly is our Father, and is desirous of expressing His fatherhood in ways that are not only good for us, but pleasing to us, at this point we are beginning to realize what the true significance of the cross is.

Our Father is constantly trying to penetrate our preoccupation with self and world, that He might teach us of far greater ideas, works, joys – of life on a new level, of life based on a new principle: Moving from life based on physical aspects to life based on spiritual aspects.

The vision of our spirit causes a change in our thinking process, and that changed process causes new actions – and new reactions: thus the Father’s concepts are gradually perceived by His children and implemented by them which is the reconciling of the world to the Kingdom, which is the building of the Kingdom within, which is the accomplishment – the fulfillment – of the purpose of the cross.

The darkness is penetrated by one pinpoint of light
and hope and imagination give birth to it
as a new life
Entered into our world.
It grows, matures – as it changes.
So we change by its influence.
We could have chosen
never to have given birth to this child – this light.
Never then would we have had such pain – nor joy –
Such agony – or ecstacy
Such knowledge of evil – or of good.

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