Crystal and Iron

Meditation Thought: “… I will be merciful toward their iniquities and I will remember their sins no more. (Hebrews 8:12, quoting Jeremiah 31:34)

Love conquers all, love forgives all, love is all. Concentrate on imitating my kind of love then shall you forgive iniquities and you no more remember others’ sins.

When you are guilt-free and others are guilt-free, then can I work marvelous things: the world shall rejoice at the glory of the Lord and His creation, the beautiful harmony of it, the sight, sound, taste, smell, feel of it – the world shall sense with a newly developed skill the realm of the spirit – and this realm will further enhance the physical realm.

The spiritual shall be the rainbow midst the rain of the physical. The spiritual shall be joy in all circumstances. The spiritual shall be peace in the midst of strife. The spiritual shall be love in the midst of hate.

The spiritual shall be light in the darkness.

The spiritual shall have dominion over the physical. Take heed, for what is invisible is of far greater importance than what is visible.

Do not despair, do not neglect the cultivation of the spiritual vine: it shall produce fruit far more beautiful, more nourishing and in great abundance compared to the physical fruits.

The beauty of the spiritual compared to the physical shall be as sparkling crystal compared to a bar of iron. There may appear to be more substance to the iron – but there is something beyond substance in the changing, dazzling reflection of light from the crystal.

Never limit your life to living with utilitarian iron only – but use the crystal regularly too, that you may have a balanced life: a life which is practical and helpful, and a life which is graceful and helpful.

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