Enduring with Grace

Meditation Thought: “and thus Abraham, having patiently endured, obtained the promise”. (Hebrews 6:14)

“Patiently endured”, not “rebelliously lashed out”, not “patiently withdrew”.

There is a time and a balance to God’s will for us. It is based on our maturity of spirit. We must learn to seek the full knowledge of God’s will: both the eternal purpose for our life, and the purpose of the moment.

All truly magnificent accomplishments are preceded by much hard work, much patience, much insight – even more so in the spiritual than in the physical realm.

We must look to the examples placed before us – in the Word and in the flesh which encourage us to “keep on keeping on”.

We must seek the energy of the Lord as well as His will and His Word. We are energized by concentrating on seeking Him in spirit daily – more often when we can, and learn to be aware of the Spirit within as we are aware of thinking out our plans, or doing our works step by step. We need to:

  1. Take time to pray and seek guidance, listening quietly.
  2. Be aware of God’s beauty on the physical.
  3. See God in others as they relate to us, ministering, or teaching (which can be very painful!)
  4. Praise God constantly, whether for having received the desires of our heart, or for not having received them, at that time patiently enduring that we may obtain the promise.

In everything we need to learn grace: in giving, in receiving, in enduring, in waiting. In all seasons we need to appreciate God working within us, within His Body and within circumstances. If we appreciate God working, then enduring patiently is not enduring with gritted teeth, but enduring with peace in our hearts and prayers on our lips.

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