Each Moment

Meditation Thought: “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.” (Psalm 37:5)

To whom do you commit your way when committed to the Lord? To Love, to Power, to Wisdom, to Truth, to Righteousness, to Graciousness, to Forgiveness, to Ardor, to Creativeness, to Beauty, to Harmony.

Who would not desire a life entwined with such a One? Only those who seek to let self ensnare them into rebellion against obedience to even their salvation and hope and peace.

Do not forsake your joy for the bitter victory of being deluded into believing you are in control of your life.

For if you obey not God, you obey the Evil One, though you may not realize it. For he is the deceiver; God is Truth. Let the Light of the Truth reveal all deceit and then it will be driven away by the power of the Spirit.

Dare to yield – every moment, be courageous and trust in your Lord, and not in your own way, not in the world’s way.

The harvest is sure when the conditions of growth are determined by the Creator of all: you sow the seed created by Him who creates the sun and rain and soil; will He not bring forth fruit according to His plan?

Do not speculate as to when the harvest comes; it comes in season. Observe the signs: plant in springtime, cultivate in summer, harvest in fall.

You shall know the season by the knowledge revealed to you by the Spirit which dwells within your spirit, mind, body, emotions, actions, circumstances. The Spirit is always in these places if He is invited and if His needs are met. He needs so little: an open heart, an obedient spirit, a willing attitude. But these small contributions from you are filtered through Him and the process magnifies them as greatly as the mustard seed is magnified into the tree.

Can you understand that each moment is a tiny seed to be planted or to lie fallow? What a forest – what a harvest – is possible when many seeds are planted!

Visualize the bounty of the harvest for the Kingdom when you feel discouraged, tired, rebellious, lazy. At these times, pray in the Spirit, praise – give a sacrifice of praise – to God. The exuberance, the enthusiasm, the joy of the Creative force shall come pouring into your spirit, energizing you that you may plant with vigor, cultivate with joyful satisfaction, and harvest with delight.

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