Fulfillment of Purpose

Meditation thought: “You have observed… my sufferings,… what persecutions I endured, yet from them all the Lord rescued me.” (2 Timothy 3:11)

Look not at any Word save Mine, any model save Mine, any spirit, save Mine, any source save Mine: all good words are Mine, all righteous models are Mine, all spirits holding My Spirit within are Mine, all sources loving and beautiful are Mine.

Concentrate on My Word in the Bible and my Spirit within you, especially as you prepare for your day.

But I place before you many fine examples of works and workers of my Kingdom which are visible in the world. These works and workers will enable you to effectively and speedily apply the lessons you learn in our concentrated quiet times together.

You are saved from sufferings and persecutions by faith, you receive faith and are able to use it by seeking My Word, My Will and My Presence: not just desiring these, but disciplining yourself and using your energies and sacrificing your own desires in order to pursue the search enthusiastically and effectively.

Seek the pattern which repeats itself throughout all of life: I create, I nurture, I mature, I harvest.

Only people contain my Spirit and thus are my special creations: only people can choose to acknowledge me or reject me. Only people can worship me, can recognize me as Lord. Thus have I given people dominion over the rest of my creations – but my purpose in doing so is to bring glory to myself through the means of all of creation, and fulfillment of all of creation through the joy released in giving glory to Myself.

Only as people come to know this principle is joy possible in every circumstance, only by living the principle does it attract the attention of those who are not aware of it.

The self fights this principle – until recognizing that giving up self-will to Eternal Will is actually the most complete method possible of fulfilling self interest.

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