Pleasure in Peace

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.” (John 14;27)

My peace I give unto you. Do not attempt to have peace by controlling circumstances. This is not possible. The way to peace in any circumstances is to welcome me into your life, to the point of allowing me to control you – not because I desire to thwart your will, bet because I desire to conform it to my perfect will – I can guide you to peace and all good things if your will is placed within my will. No more than you desire to decide everything for your children do I want to make every decision for you. As you desire your children to make their own decisions within the framework of your teaching – realizing that your knowledge and experience can be helpful – so do I desire you to live your own life – but within the framework of my teaching, for this will result in better experiences for you.

To have your focus upon me – to follow me – is to help you make wise decisions and to accomplish the exercise of discipline in doing what you know is right even when that action is not to your liking. Never doubt that to follow me will bring joy. You may not glimpse any possibility that disciplined, righteous action will result in the desires of your heart being realized – but it is only through following me in decisions and in behavior that you can find peace and all else that you long for.

Just as you are recognizing that having forced yourself to walk regularly has resulted in not only better health, but a pleasure in the walking, so you will find that disciplined, righteous action always brings health, vitality, and the pleasure of peace. You can discover this only in one way: to do it – whether you feel like it is immaterial – you determine to do it. First you determine to follow me, then you are able to do so even when difficulties are encountered.

You can build up your determination through knowing me through the Word, through prayer, through meditation, through imitating my attitudes and actions – believing that I tell Truth, live Truth, am Truth – therefore, you are filled with Truth, and Truth never misleads you. This is why you will become wise in thought, in word, and in deed as you follow my leading, as you know me as your Guide, and as your Strength.”

Prayer of Response: Lord Jesus, Friend Jesus, Brother Jesus – thank you. Thank you for giving all you had, and have, to give for my benefit. I do desire the gift of your sweet, effective Presence.


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